In the Kalyana-kalpataru also, Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura has said, 

“My dear mind, what have you done? Being in a very immature stage you have cheated yourself unknowingly by perpetrating the fault of narrow-mindedness upon the pure Vaisnava sampradaya. You have supposed the pure conceptions and validity of the sampradaya to be hypocrisy and thus abandoned them. 
You have given up wearing the Vaisnava tilaka markings and neck beads (tulasi-mala) and put aside your chanting beads (bhajana-mala). 

You think, ‘What is the use of wearing tilaka? I can chant within my mind, so what need is there of beads? One’s diet has nothing to do at all with bhajana. So don’t think that you have to give up eating meat, fish or eggs. Don’t think that you must stop drinking wine or tea and taking intoxicants such as pana, tobacco, marijuana, hemp or opium.’ 

You have cast aside the need for taking initiation (diksha). You have begun to refer to yourself as an incarnation. 
You have begun to propagate your new theories very powerfully through different agents. 

You are criticising the opinions of the previous great personalities (mahajanas) and acaryas of the path of bhakti, considering them to be mistaken. 

Some cunning persons put on tilaka and tulasi-mala and cheat others. Therefore you avoid the association of anyone who wears tilaka and mala, considering them all to be cheaters. 

But, my dear brother mind, please consider, what have you gained by this? You have given up gold for ashes. Your present life and the next have both been utterly ruined. 

You address everyone as a hypocrite, knave and cheater. But you have failed to attain bhagavad-bhakti. What will be your fate at the time of death?

From the Anuvrti commentary by Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakur Prabhupada of Sri Upadeshamrta verse 2