Srila Bhaktivedanta Vamana Goswami Maharaja’s Harikatha:

1. Behind our talent and intelligence, there should be devotion.
2. How shall we take to the path of devotion if we are not sincere?
3. Miyate anaya iti maya – That which can be measured is maya.
4. Prisoner Story: A very old jailbird has been released from the prison. He turns to all the other thieves and dacoits in the prison, and cries out, “I don’t want to go, leaving you here.” He does not understand that his real life is outside. He is crying to come back to the prison. Then, even when he is forced to go outside, he will vow to return, “I’ll come back here. If necessary, I will again commit the crime of theft and dacoitry so that I will come back to the prison.” This is our situation also.
5. Amritasya putrah – We are the children of amrita, nectar personified.
6. The bona-fide guru knows whom to give what advice, and whether or not the person will listen to that advice. According to that judgement he will give him appropriate advice.
7. You must read, study and discuss scripture. Do not keep yourselves tied down to the search for food, clothing and a roof.
8. Our Acharyas have already churned the ocean of scriptures and taken out the cream for us. Therefore we do not have to go through all that effort.
9. If we do spiritual practice regularly, then all faults which bind our lives will be corrected.
10. Tattva is forever the same. It doesn’t change according to convenience.