Mahaprabhu saw that most of the pastime places of Radha-Krsna had disappeared. He searched for Radha-kunda and Syama-kunda and finally found two small ponds, with dark water, and light water. At that time, it was the rainy season. The Vrajavasis were planting rice paddy there. On either side there was a rice field, and in the fields, there was a small pond. The water in one of these fields was darkish, and the water of the pond in the other field was light. Why was it like this? Mahaprabhu asked the Vrajavasi farmers, but they had no idea. Also, there was a small pathway inbetween the two rice fields. Also, the paddy on one side was dark, and on the other side, the paddy was golden and very fragrant. There are many species of rice. Some are very fragrant and beautiful, golden and effulgent, and some are dark and having other qualities. Now, Mahaprabhu first bathed in the white pond and then in the black pond.

The people there were surprised. They said amongst themselves, “Why is this madman doing kirtana here, rolling in ecstasy, and bathing in these ponds in our rice fields? Why is He bathing in these puddles?”

Mahaprabhu there prayed:

yatha radha-priya-visnu
tasya-kundam priyam tatha
sarva-gopisa sevaika
visnur atyanta vallabha

When Aristasura died, then the gopis became antagonistic towards Krsna. Krsna tried to approach them, but they rejected Him, saying, “You killed a bull; this is very sinful.” They wouldn’t let Him touch them. “How can I become pure?” Krsna asked.

“Go bathe in all the tirthas of the world and then You will be purified and fit to associate with us.”

“Okay, no problem,” Krsna said. He called all the tirthas and they appeared before Him at once and did His abhiseka. “Now I am pure,” Krsna said, “I have fulfilled your condition.”

But Radharani became more angry and upset along with all Her followers. Why? “This is our place,” Radharani said to Her sakhis, “without My permission, how did all the tirthas come and bathe Krsna?” Then She told the tirthas, “You have become implicated in Krsna’s sin. Leave Vraja at once! Don’t come here more. Krsna is impure and you are all now also impure.” Lo! Now the tirthas were strengthless, powerless, hopeless, useless. Why? Radharani rejected them for going directly to Krsna without Her permission, in Her place. Now, the tirthas weakly approached Krsna, and begged, “Oh Prabhu! We are serving You; You called us, and we bathed You independently of Srimati Radharani, the empress of Vraja, now She has rejected us! What can we do? The gopis have forsaken us. Now our lives are useless. By Her power we all have power. But now She has taken our power and we are powerless.”

For example, when a disciple has guru-sakti, when he is in the grace of his guru, then he can accomplish anything. But where there is no guru-bhakti, there can be no guru-sakti. One is disconnected then. And where there is guru-bhakti, all guru-sakti will be present. But the supreme guru of everyone, even Krsna, is Radharani. So the tirthas lamented to Krsna and prayed for His help. “We are hopeless without Your help and mercy.”

“Tik hai,” Krsna said, “I will help.” He approached the gopis humbly and asked for their forgiveness and approbation. But they were still in mana. They said sarcastically, “Now You have made the holiest of holy places with this kunda. It will be known as Syama-kunda.” Krsna invited them to bathe in the kunda that had been made from all the tirthas bathing Him. “Eh! Coming bathing in Your remnant water? Eh? Chalo!” The gopis then left to collect water from Manasi-ganga, while with Her sakhis and manjaris, Radharani began to dig a kunda adjacent to Syama-kunda with bracelets from their wrists. Krsna told the tirthas to ask Radharani for permission to fill the kunda She had excavated, but She said, “No! Get out! We will bring water from Manasi-ganga to fill this pond.”

Before, the gopis also fought with Krsna over the appearance of Manasi-ganga. They had said, “Where has this Ganga-devi come from? You said You were our faithful beloved, but now You have manifested Your real beloved from Your mind and shown her off to all of us as if we were second-class.”

The nature of the Vraja-devis is to quarrel with Krsna. Why? Krsna Himself teaches this. Without fighting, one cannot maintain his own position. Therefore, the gopis fight with Krsna to maintain their authority over Him. So, now, the gopis formed a line all the way to Manasi-ganga, seven or eight kilometers away, and began passing each other the water of Manasi-ganga in clay pots and using it to fill the newly excavated kunda of Radharani.

Krsna told the tirthas, “Lay down in the road, in the path before Radharani and the gopis and supplicate them for mercy.”

All the tirthas went and offered sastanga-dandavat-pranamas in the dust of Vraja at the feet of Radharani. They chanted, “Aho! Radhikaye namah! Radhe saranam mama! Sri Radhe saranam mama! Jaya Radhe saranam mama! Trahi mam, pahi mam.”

All the tirthas prayed and began weeping profusely at the feet of Radharani. Krsna had taught them this method of pacifying the gopis’ maan. He taught them the radha-mantra; before this radha-mantra was undisclosed and unmanifest in this world. But I will not speak this mantra openly here, otherwise everyone will become sannyasis. Then food, lodge, everything will be finished. Being sannyasis, everyone will run here and there, and scatter upon the face of the earth.

So Krsna gave the personified tirthas radha-mantra and they prostrated themselves before Radharani and began chanting this. Radharani heard this and asked them, “Who is your guru? Is He that bogus guru renowned everywhere for His revelry and rascally nature?”

But the tirthas would not say their guru’s name. If you go to some places, some temples, and tell the name of your guru, then you will be kicked out of the premises. So the tirthas were afraid of revealing the name of their guru. They hid this. “Who is your guru? Who gave you this mantra?” Srimati asked.

“Om gopijanavallabhaya svaha,” the tirthas chanted. They didn’t say Govindaya, or Krsnaya, only Gopijanavallabhaya. Okay. Anyhow, they finally pacified Srimatiji and becoming pleased with them, She allowed the personified tirthas to perform Her abhiseka. Krsna then came and took the caranamrta water that Had bathed Srimati’s body and feet and He bathed in that Radha-kunda, and thus He became pure and very happy.

Mahaprabhu first bathed in Radha-kunda. Afterwards He bathed in Syama-kunda. This is the rule and custom. Mahaprabhu prayed at Radha-kunda, “Just as Srimati Radhika is the nearest and dearest beloved of Krsna, similarly, Her kunda, Radha-kunda, is the nearest and dearest of Krsna, and is non-different from Radharani. All the Vraja-devis in Srimati’s group are present at Radha-kunda. That kunda and Radharani are selfsame. Krsna plays with Srimati there at Radha-kunda and performs all srngara-rasa pastimes with Her. If anyone bathes there once he becomes completely pure and achieves bhagavat-prema.”

Radharani becomes pleased with those who bathe in Her kunda and She gives them Her shelter and mercy. The madhurena, sweetness and glories of Radha-kunda are limitless. How can these be explained in ordinary words? In Govinda-lilamrta, Kaviraja Gosvami describes the glories of Radha-kunda.

“Radha-kunda is the same as Radharani. All Her power is present there. Krsna always plays there, bathes there, and He then feels, ‘I have the love of Radharani with Me. She is happy with Me.’ By offering pranama to this kunda and bathing there, one receives Radharani’s mercy. Then, one becomes energized completely with kriya-sakti and will always remain active in blissful service.”

Krsnadasa Kaviraja Gosvami explains this. Mahaprabhu prayed and danced in ecstasy at Radha-kunda. Then He took the clay from Radha-kunda and adorned Himself with tilaka. Many sadhus therefore use Radha-kunda clay for tilaka. Mahaprabhu told His sevaka, Balabhadra, “Collect this clay and carry it with us. I will use this for My tilaka.”

From there, Mahaprabhu went to Kusuma-sarovara and continued on parikrama of Giriraja-Govardhana. His heart melted while remembering all the pastimes of Radha-Krsna there. He offered Giriraja pranama and touched a sila to His head. Mahaprabhu began to speak with the sila and then appeared like a madman, wildly dancing and weeping and singing. He came like this to the Govardhana village and offered pranama to Harideva. Mahaprabhu danced and danced in front of Harideva and the villagers came to touch Mahaprabhu’s feet. Seeing Mahaprabhu’s prema and beauty, the people were mesmerized. The servants of Harideva worshipped Mahaprabhu, giving Him flower garlands and prasada. Balabhadra Bhattacarya cooked there nearby Brahma-kunda. Mahaprabhu bathed at Brahma-kunda and then took bhiksa-prasada.

That night, Mahaprabhu stayed in Harideva’s temple. Mahaprabhu desired to meet with Gopal. But He would never step on Govardhana, in the mood of Radharani, considering Govardhana to be non-different from Krsna; He would never allow His feet to touch any stone of Giriraja. But He thought, “How can I meet and touch Gopala?” What did Gopala do? He told His priests, “The Muslims are coming to attack the area. Take Me away and hide Me. Don’t keep Me on top of Giriraja now.”

“I will not go on top of Giriraja-Govardhana,” Mahaprabhu thought, “I am a fallen bhakta; how can I walk on the Lord Himself?” But happily Gopala came down, brought by His priests, and Mahaprabhu then had the opportunity to receive His darsana.

Many times Turks, Moghuls, Muslims, attacked and terrorized India. Why didn’t Krsna destroy them? Why did He hide Himself from them? He could have destroyed them in a moment. But He thought, “They are all My children. What can I do? But they are disturbing My bhaktas.” He saw that on both sides, they were His children and had faith in Him. “How can I cut and kill one party and save the other? Sometime afterwards they will be pure and change, but not today.”

If one son of a mother is very dangerous and ferocious and one is very humble, how can the mother reject one and only shelter the other? If the dangerous violent son is always abusing and trying to harm the humble son, what can be done? The mother will try to change the nature of her violent son, but she will not try to kill him. Similarly, Krsna is very kind. He thought, “Today, tomorrow, the day after, or sometime in the future, these ill-natured children of mine will change. They have come to My dhama, so one day they will change.”

However, the Rajputs of Jaipur were very powerful and could not be conquered by the Moghuls. The Turks could not defeat them. So Gopala and other Thakurajis of Vraja were taken to Jaipur and protected by the king there.

What happened? One person came and told the villagers, “Tomorrow the Turks will come and steal Gopala and all His wealth. Quickly take Him and run far away!”

The brahmana pandas took Gopala and His paraphenalia and went to a brahmana’s house hidden in a remote village of Vraja. Gopala has so much wealth and opulence, so different rulers would always want to steal His wealth. They are poor beggars, therefore they don’t want to do any work; they just want to steal from others. This is the nature of demons and dacoits. They won’t do anything themselves, but they want to profit from the hard work of others and steal all their wealth. Now the Government tries to steal all the wealth of Thakuraji in the different temples in India and they tell the sadhus there, “Go and work. Do business and help our economy grow.” They will become wealthy by worshipping God, these leaders think, let us engage them in our service instead and we will then worship and take all the wealth of God. But how long can this last? How much can you take from God? When you take from God, you incur a roaming charge. Everything you take will be on loan with a very high interest rate. Everything you take will go in its time back to God along with all your own possessions and wealth. If you steal something from sadhus, God will quickly replenish the stores of the sadhus, but you will incur a roaming charge owed to God and you will pay back this interest for the rest of your life. However, the foolish leaders do not understand this and always try to steal God’s wealth and opulence. This is the nature of dacoits and demonic rulers. Take shelter of Krsna and He will also give you everything you need. But no. “No! I will take everything by force.” How long can you do this? Like Hitler. He stole so much and tried to rule everyone, but then what happened to him? He destroyed himself. How long can one try to wrongfully possess the power and wealth of others? Contemplate this carefully. Therefore, don’t try to conquer or control sadhus, Guru and Vaisnavas. You will not become rich by such activities.

The Turks tried to steal the wealth of Gopala, because He is very rich, but He went away with His pandas. Then Gopala wandered in Vraja, from one kunja to another. He did not stay in one place for a long time, until finally He went to Jaipur.

In the early morning, Mahaprabhu bathed in Manasi-ganga and then did parikrama of all Giriraja-Govardhana, while dancing and singing in bliss. Tomorrow we will hear about Mahaprabhu’s parikrama of Giriraja. Gaura-premanande! Hari Haribol!