by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

This chanting of Hare Krsna mantra is purifying your existence. Yasmad suddyed sattvam. Sattvam means existence. You are existing. I am existing, God is existing eternally. The temporary existence that we see at the present moment, this is not our existence. This is our deceased condition, crazy condition. Piscaci paile yena mati- cchana haya. Pisaci means ghost or witches. When one is haunted by ghost he becomes disturbed of his own consciousness and talks all kinds of nonsense. Similarly, when our existence is covered by the material ghost we talk so many nonsense things: “I am this body, and anything in relationship with this body is mine. I am dying. I belong to this family. I belong to this community, nation, this, that,planet.” These are all just like a man haunted by a ghost speaking nonsense, these are all nonsense things. The Krsna consciousness movement is to cure this disease. Suddhyed sattvam, existence, that is called svarupa, real identification.

This word Mukti, liberation is very popular. What is this liberation? Liberation means to come to this platform of Krsna consciousness. That is liberation. Svarupena vyavasthitih. Mukti is defined in the Srimad Bhagavatam: muktir hitvanyatha rupam. Muktir hitva anyatha rupam. Anyatha rupam. Rupam means form. We are in a form which is not liberated, it is a material form. This form which you you now have, when it is finished, you’ll never get this form again. You’ll get another form and then another and another.

Just like bubbles. Bubbles in the ocean when they come out you cannot have the exact same bubbles or measurement. Just as that is going on, similarly, this rupam is anyatha. This is not our rupam, our real form. Therefore sometimes in Vedic literature  it is stated, “formless”. Formless does not mean that one has no form. Not this form. That is formless. But people with less intelligence, they think formless means there’s no form. Formless means not this form. This is anyatha rupam. This is different from our real form. So mukti means to give up this unreal form and accept your real form. Just like becoming free from disease. Get free from the diseased condition and come to real healthy life.

Ksipram bhavati dharmatma sasva chantim nigacchati. Those  who have taken to Krsna consciousness seriously, even there are some faults, still, they are saintly persons. That is the recommendation of Krsna. Because that fault may be due to his past habits, but that is being stopped. Just like you make the switch off, no more electric current will act, but the fan still gives some round due to the past force. Similarly, a Krsna consciousness person, even if he’s found at fault, Krsna says, “No. “Sadhur eva sa mantavyah. “He’s saintly person sadhu. “ Why? Now, the process he has taken up, that will cure him in due course of time. Sasvac chantim nigacchati. So those who have fortunately come to this platform of Krsna consciousness by association, and by practice, this is the way. So stick to it. Don’t go away. Even if you find some fault, don’t go away from the association. Struggle, and Krsna will help you.


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