Quote from a PDF of recently compiled lectures titled, “The Life of the Vrajavasis’ Departs” available on patreon.com/bhaktabandhav

One whose heart is dirty and whose mind is absorbed in dirty things is not qualified to chant the mantras of the Vedas. The nature of such tamasik persons is such that they have no desire to associate with the Lord’s devotees, visit the dhama, or carry out any endeavor that is in the best interest of the soul. They are selfishly attached to their family and sense-enjoyment. Sastra states that the qualification of people of such natures is to be menial servants, caretakers of animals, and so on.     Mahaprabhu’s associates did not open cow sheds or care for animals. They did not come for this. There are many sudras for this purpose. Why then did Krsna care for cows? Krsna’s cows were not ordinary animals. They were great devotees, rsis, and personified srutis and smrtis. Not all cows are like those cows, just as not all fish are Matsya, not all snakes are Ananta, and not all birds are Garuda. By collecting animals, or any jivas, and feeding them and caring for their bodies, one does not give them any real benefit, nor is one benefited himself by such activity. Only low-class persons think that such endeavor is righteous. Bharata Maharaja fell down from his state of bhava because he began caring for a deer that he developed attachment for. Because of this, in his next life, he became a deer. Foolish persons are very eager to make friendship with mundane people and jivas. They happily speak about useless and temporary things, even if they have only known each other for only a few moments. They are delighted to meet another person with interest in the objects of maya.

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