The gopis knew that Krsna and Baladeva were very soft-hearted. If anyone in Mathura were to just offer them a little love and service then they will come under their control. The gopis thought, “If you give Krsna anything His heart melts; even if its just a little bit of butter or misri. He dances for such simple in joy and eagerness loving gifts. In Mathura there is so much opulence. The Mathura-vasis will give Krsna many nice things and He will be arrested.”
Do the gopis mean to say that Krsna is greedy? Not exactly. Krsna is not attracted to any gift itself but to love. When a gift is given as a representation of love, Krsna must accept it.

[Quote from a text and PDF file of recently compiled lectures titled, “The Life of the Vrajavasis’ Departs” available on When speaking on the chapters of the Bhagavatam where Krsna leaves Vrndavan, Prabhuji became ill for some days. This regularly happens whenever he speaks on the pastimes of Krsna and the Vrajavasis’ separation. The following text is from that hari-katha spoken in July, 2017.]

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