Jay Sri Radhe!

Here is the translation of the interview with Candra Mohan Prabhu, the pujari in Sri Seva Kunj, who received the instruction from Srimatiji Herself to bring Her prasada to Srila Gurudeva, who was present in Gopinatha Bhawan during the month of Kartik. The video is present in a previous post on the timeline for those who haven’t seen it. This translation was kindly done by Radhacharan Das.

Hope you relish the nectar and picture of Thakuraji’s darsana in Radhe Kunj as well 🙂

Translation by Radhacharan Das

Sri Radha! Sri Harivansh! Gaura Haribol!

Translator’s notes are in brackets…

Candramohanji: “This place is known as Seva kunja. Why is it called thus? It is because during the rasa lila, Sri Radha became tired and Sri Krsna himself who is the guru of the entire world, Krsnam Vande Jagat Gurum, he performs Sri Kisoriju’s carana-seva here [massages her lotus feet].

Here, we don’t perform seva to any murti/vigraha. In Sevakunja, the darshan is of a Chitrapath [an image/painting] in which Sri Krsna is doing carana-seva of Sri Kisoriju. And therefore this place is known as Seva kunja [since Krsna does her seva here].

The rasika kavi [poet disciple of Sri Vallabhacarya Mahaprabhuji] Rasakhan also had darshan here.

This is also Sri Hit Harivansh Mahaprabhu’s place of worship [that’s the person you see in my facebook display photo. A direct disciple of Radha. He discovered Sevakunja, Vanshivat etc and was praised by Prabhodananda Saraswati and other rasikas from Gaudiya and Pushti marga sampradayas also. His name “Sri Harivansh” can be seen painted in red behind Candramohanji also].

[Candramohanji now recites one of Rasakhan’s songs where he has sung of his darshan at Seva kunja. The translation is].

“I have searched for the Supreme Brahman in the Puranic songs. From listening to Vedic verse, my desire for him has increased fourfold. Still, nowhere have I seen or even heard of his real form and nature. Cries Rasakhan, “I am exhausted from calling and searching. No man or woman can even describe him! Then I beheld him, Sri Krsna sitting in a secret love-bower, massaging Radha’s feet.” – [brajabhasa words available if requested.]

At night time, nobody can enter. And those who do stay, in the morning they are found dead or crazy and are therefore unable to tell what they saw. Even the monkeys leave this place. At night a flower bed is made for Sri Radhaji and Sri Krsna, where we place things such as flower garlands, toothpicks, laddoos and so on. And we notice that in the morning, those items have been used. And this we see every morning at 5am during Mangala arati and at 6am in the cold season.

So this incident with Narayana Maharaja is around 7 or 8 years ago now. So I put Thakurji to rest and went home. I am also a sevak of Radharani, and there are so many who experience the bliss here. And so as I was sleeping, I got the order from Sri Radha, that “there is one sakhi/manjari in Sridham Vrindavan, whose name is Narayana Maharaja, go and give prasada. So the next morning I did my morning duties as usual, and did the Rajabhoga arati in the afternoon. And then I immediately went to the Gaudiya Math near Imli-tala [Gopinath Bhawan]. So I think Narayana Maharajaji was in his room, I’m not sure. But one of his disciples [a thin sannyasi] was there, I don’t know his name, he also came here recently [interviewing devotee says Sripada Madhava Maharaja].

So I told him that I came here to give prasada, but I didn’t tell him of the order of Sri Radha, I mean why should I? I should only tell the message to whom it was intended…this is proper. So he asked where I am from, and I replied that I am from Seva kunja and this is Sriji’s prasada. Then the sannyasi told me to give this prasada to him and that he would give it to Maharajaji.

But then again, I am also a Vrajavasi! I am stubborn from the start, so I said no. This is not possible. I am bringing this prasada on the order of somebody and so whatever order I have received I will do as per that, otherwise I must leave and return home. But then he agreed and he told me to come with him. And so then I met Maharajaji and spoke with him. And so I told Maharaja the whole lila that took place and said, because if Sri Kisoriji Radha has given the order, so then it has to be done. So then I gave him the prasada and he became so ecstatic, so happy. Maharaja also told me a lot about Seva Kunja and I also told him too. Then his disciples tried to give me some donation, but I said “I am not here for any donations Maharajaji”. Because where I stay [at Seva kunja] there is no shortage of what we get due to Thakurji’s mercy. I only came to fulfil Sri Radharani’s command. So then Maharajaji folded his hands and did dandavat pranama and I also did the same to him. So this was the lila with the rasika saint.

The thing is, rasika saints never leave. They are always here, and they perform their lila here and then go to the nikunja [pleasure groves of Hari Radha]. Many people say that “Maharaja has gone into the nikunja now” but this is not true. To reach him is not easy. Meaning it is so difficult [to achieve what he has]. There are many of his disciples who do Thakurji seva and preach and so on, but to reach his heights, that is not so easy. The activities of Rasikas can only be understood by other Rasikas. And so we had satsangha for some hours and it was very blissful. He knew a lot about Vraja and Vrajavasis. The Vrajavasis even address Thakurji informally with the word “tu” [which is a very casual/informal way of saying “You”], so this isn’t something easily attained.

And so Maharaja understood what are Vrajavasis and what is Vrindavan. What Seva Kunja is. He understood and so this lila took place with him. This can only happen with Rasikas, not ordinary people. This is true. The activities of Rasikas can only be understood by other Rasikas. This is pure desi ghee [referring to Maharaja]. Because he understood all these things. So what can I say about him? And even here he is today, performing lila. And you all must have received something from him, otherwise why would you all be coming here to Vrindavan? You must have also even today experienced that Maharajaji is still talking to you all right? Isn’t it? And this is all that you need, you shouldn’t endeavour for anything else. Radhe Radhe!

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