[Excerpt from Srila Gurudeva: Around the World, U.K. 1996 (Watford, 18 May), the second book in a series of volumes on Srila Gurudeva’s world preaching tours.]

Our Guru Maharaja would often say, “If you reset or tune your watch by twenty-fours and after twenty-fours have passed, you have forgotten about the watch, then the watch will stop functioning for it has been reset for only twenty-four hours.”

So, our Guru Maharaja would often tell all the devotees, “Firstly, you should all come to the Gaura Purnima festival. Secondly, you should all come to Jagannatha Puri dhama at the time of Ratha-Yathra or Vyasa-puja. And thirdly, you should all come to Vrindavana at the time of Kartika month. This way, I will recharge your batteries and you will be energetic for the entire twelve months. And then, your bhakti will have developed so much that there would be no need of forcing you to perform devotional services or to have your spiritual watches tuned.”

Gaura Premanande! Haribol!

Devotee: You have so much to offer us Gurudeva. As Jnana das Prabhu said, “We are starving.” Our watches haven’t been tuned for so long. We welcome that you are coming and that you are speaking to us here. After I showed you the address list, I spent the morning calling all of my godbrothers and godsisters on the address list. Everyone I called wants to hear from you. Today, not many came because I called only one and half hour before the program began.

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