Prabhuji’s Harikatha:

1. If you are remembering Gaura-Nitai, then there will be no aparadha in your chanting.
2. By serving the mahamantra like this, you will easily attain perfection. This is the power of gaura-nama.
3. Gaura-dhama means Nityananda Prabhu.
4. Our mood should be, “I do not want to go licking the toes of Maya’s followers like a dog.”
5. Without learning what knowledge is being given in Caitanya Bhagavata, no one can chant harinama and enter into Mahaprabhu’s line.
6. Rupa Gosvami says, “O Harinama, I take complete shelter of You.”
7. Mahaprabhu is not only present during the time of His appearance in this world. He is present in the past, present and future.