apy anghri-mule patitasya me vibhuh
sirasy adhasyan nija-hasta-pankajam
dattabhayam kala-bhujanga-ramhasa
prodvejitanam saranaininam nrnam
Srimad-Bhagavatam 10.38.16
“When I prostrate myself at his feet, the almighty Bhagavan will place His lotus-like hand on my head. For those who seek His shelter, being greatly disturbed by the great serpent of time, that hand removes all fear.”

When we do not offer ourselves to God, we will find that we only have taste for temporary things, or things of this world of death. When we sit in kirtana or hari-katha we become sleepy, but when we have those objects of illusory pleasure, we stay wide awake.

Some people’s hearts do not allow them to trust anyone, but the Vrajavasis’ hearts are pure and simple; therefore, they did not doubt Akrura although he had come to take Krsna away. Akrura was touched to see how comfortable they made him and how they sweetly served him, without a tinge of distrust.
Akrura felt soothed by meeting the Vrajavasis after living so long in Mathura in the association of Kamsa. Such is the result of even a moments association with Krsna’s great devotees. And if one actually has respect for the Vrajavasis, or the devotees, Krsna is pleased and, naturally, if Krsna is pleased with anyone, that person will also be happy.

Kamsa’s evil plans were revealed to Krsna but not to Nanda Maharaja. The clean-hearted Nanda Maharaja immediately arranged that the Vrajavasis assemble their bull-carts, filled with clay pots of ghee, butter, milk, and sweets for giving as tax to the king, and prepare to visit Mathura and see the Dhanusa-yajna festival.
Even to this day, we see the sweet nature of the Vrajavasis. They are naturally generous and never come to the temple empty handed. This is true even if they are extremely poor.
[Quote from a text and PDF file of recently compiled lectures titled, “The Life of the Vrajavasis’ Departs” available on patreon.com/bhaktabandhav. When speaking on the chapters of the Bhagavatam where Krsna leaves Vrndavan, Prabhuji became ill for some days. This regularly happens whenever he speaks on the pastimes of Krsna and the Vrajavasis’ separation. The following text is from that hari-katha spoken in July, 2017.]

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