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Srila Jiva Gosvami

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Srila Jiva Gosvami

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Śrīmān Caitanya Mahāprabhu initiated the current of the rūpanuga line in this world through the medium of Śrī Rūpa and Raghunātha. Śrīla Jiva Gosvāmī fulfilled śrīmān Mahāprabhu’s innermost desire by being under the guidance and shelter of Śrīla Rūpa Gosvāmi. He firmly established the path of spontaneous loving devotion, on the platform of indisputable philosophical understanding, and manifested the books of the Gosvāmīs for the welfare of everyone. By his instructions, he made all his followers cultivate a clear understanding of the established philosophical principles.

Upon hearing the name of Śrīla Jiva Gosvāmī, the hearts of the Vaisnavas dance in joy. By Mahāprabhu’s desire, Śrīla Jiva Gosvāmī appeared to bestow mercy upon all the jīvas. His dissemination of bhakti-siddhānta is unparalleled. Therefore, he is known as the tattva-ācārya of the Gaudiya sampradayā. At all times, he was under the discipline and care of Śrī Rūpa and Sanātana Gosvāmī.
Sri Jiva Gosvāmi studied all the bhakti-śāstras under the tutelage of Śrī Rūpa Gosvāmī. He then became recognized in the Gaudīya sampradāya as the foremost ācārya in tattvaśāstra. After coming to Vraja, Jiva Gosvāmī never left.

While residing in Vrndāvana, he composed 25 granthas. He also proofed, copied, and preserved the books of the Gosvāmīs. He wrote a book called Harināmamsta-vyakarana. In this book, Śrīla Jiva Gosvāmī uses Sanskrit grammar to glorify the Supreme Lord Śrī Hari. He wrote the Sat-sandarbhas, which embody sambandha, abhideya, and prayojana—the knowledge of relationship between the soul, nature, and God, and the process and goal. Of the six Sandarbhas, the first three, Tattvasandarbha, Paramātma-sandarbha, and Bhagavat-sandarbha, delineate sambandha-tattva. The Krsna-sandarbha and Bhaktisandarbha embody abhideya-tattva, the process. And the Prītisandarbha embodies prayojana-tattva, a description of the ultimate goal of life. Śrīla Jiva Gosvāmī also wrote the Gopālacampū and Mādhava-mahotsava, as well as many other books and commentaries.
The Sat-sandarbhas of Śrīla Jiva Gosvāmī are unprecedented jewels in this world. By thoroughly studying the Sat-sandarbhas, every part of the Vedānta will be known.

Śrīla Jiva Gosvāmī manifested Śrī Rādhā-Dāmodara in Vraja and he connected everyone’s hearts to the lotus feet of the Divine Couple. Yasodā Mātā bound Dāmodara, and Jiva Gosvāmi Prabhu bound everyone to Śrī Rādhā-Dāmodara. We pray to Śrīla Jiva Gosvāmī for his mercy and for the eternal service of Śrī Śrī Rādhā-Damodara.


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    Hare Krishna, Dandwat Pranam to all. Very great book published by Bhakta Bandhav. I appreciate the effort to publish individual books on our Guruvarga. All the devotees who worked on this book, served Sri Guru Gauranga in a very intelligent way, as new devotees under Lord Gauranga family need a very good introduction to our divine Guru Parampara. These books are serving that purpose. Again Dandwat Pranam to all. Your aspiring servant.

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