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Srila Jagannatha dasa Babaji Maharaja


Srila Jagannatha dasa Babaji Maharaja



Śrī Śrīla Jagannātha dāsa Bābāji Mahārāja appeared in approximately 1764, in a Sambhrant royal family in a Mandalākāra village within the division of Tangail, in the district of Myemensingh in present day Bangladesh. Some believe though that he appeared in the Tadasa village, within the Pabna district of Bangladesh, in a Varenda kāyastha family. To this day we do not have a definite account of or acquaintance with his mother and father, nor of the year, date, and other details of his birth.

At whichever place or in whatever family Śrīla Jagannātha dāsa Bābājī Mahārāja may have appeared, in reality he is Bhagavān’s eternally perfected associate and the manifested form of Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu. He is fully realized in the conception of the Sri Svarūpa-Rūpānuga line and is the sārvabhauma (emperor) of the Vaisnavas. He is the eternally worshipable master of Srila Bhaktivinoda Thākura. Greatly enthusiastic in preaching the message of Godhead, he is a general in the army of nāma-sankirtana and a crest-jewel of swan-like pure devotees who delight in preaching. Śrī Vraja and Śrī Navadvīpa-dhāma are his eternal places of residence.



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Jagannatha das Babaji Maharaja – INTRO

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