There are many bona fide devotees present in vraja-dhama. They perpetually pray to the vraja-raj, the dust of Vraja, and never leave this Vraj-bhumi. Svami Haridasa, for example, was doing his bhajana in Nidhuvana. One day, a very rich person came for his darsana. As a gift, he gave Svami Haridasa a bottle of very expensive, nice-smelling perfume. Svami Haridasa looked at the bottle, opened it, and then threw all the perfume in the dust of Nidhuvana. That rich man became very angry and disturbed. Oh, that was Mughal perfume! Kings and emperors are using this kind of scent, but Babaji has no idea of its value! Why did I give this perfume to Babaji! He just threw it all in the dust…” But that person could not understand. He had no eyes to see the real eternal reality.

Still disturbed, that man then went to the Banki-bihari temple. When he entered, he noticed to his great surprise that the whole temple smelled like the perfume that Haridasa had just thrown into the dust. The walls, cloth, air, floor, everything smelled like that perfume, and all the people present within the temple were intoxicated with that smell. How amazing was that fragrance! And Bihariji also – His clothes, body, and everything – smelled like that perfume. The rich man then went back to the place where Svami Haridasa had thrown the perfume into the sand, but there that wonderful perfume smell had completely disappeared. He thought, “”How is this possible? This perfume is so strong that the smell lasts for a month. But although Babaji threw the oil here just a few hours ago, there is not even the slightest bit of scent from it remaining.”

The man approached the two main sevakas of Svami Haridasa, called Tansena and Baiju-bavara. Bavara means ‘mad person.’ He was given that name because when the sings, Banki-bihariji Himself comes running there , like a madman. So the rich man asked this Baiju-bavara, “Is your guru-maharaja really a bona fide maha-bhagavat?” the sevakas inquired why he was asking this question. And the man explained what had happened. He concluded by stating. “Today I have realized that Svami Haridasa must for sure be a siddha-mahapurusa.”

That Svami Haridasa is all the time  servicing Bihariji, and Bihariji is always with him. But how can ordinary people understand this? When Haridasa sings, the whole of Vrndavana is dancing. The trees, creepers animals – all are feeling happy and pleased. And when he stops singing, Bihariji becomes very sad. Therefore, Tansena and Baiju-bavara, Svami Haridasa’s sevakas, continuously sing everywhere in Vraja-mandala, and in Nidhvana. Bihariji is dancing every night with his sakhis and manjaris to their singing.

Once, there was a professional singer at the court of the Muslim king in Delhi. The singer requested the king, “I want that no one in your country should be allowed to sing without my permission. If they independently sing, they should be hung and killed. If anyone desires, he can come here and I will test him. If he sings better than me, then he may be allowed to sing. But really , I am the greatest singer of all.”

Previously, the king had heard that there was an expert singer in Vrndanana, called Svami Haridasa. He invited Haridsa to come to Delhi, to test his singing, but Haridasa had no desire to leave Vraja. He therefore sent his two sevakas, Tansena and Baiju-bavara. When the two arrived at the royal court, they asked the king. “You want to test us, but who will judge whose singing is better? You? Or you court singer? Who will decide? We desire to do this test in the forest, and let the forest animals be the judge.”

The King, the court singer, Tansena, Baiju-bavara, and a few more people then went into a deep forest. Tansena was asked to sing first. Even he started his song accompanying himself on his guitar, all the forest animals gathered there. Tigers, lions, deer, jackals and even elephants came. They all peacefully listened to the song and started crying in happiness. Tansena put tilaka on all the animals and placed a garland around their neck, and when he stopped singing, they all ran back into the forest. Tansena then told the king, “Now your court singer should sing, and by doing so, he should again call all the animals here and take off the flower garlands that I put around their neck.” The court singer said, “How can that be possible?! He started singing and singing and singing, but no animals came. Even birds and mosquito’s were not present there. The court singer said, “This is an impossible task. These animals must have gathered here earlier only by chance.” But when Tansena started a new song, all the animals returned, and very easily he could take off the flower garlands. By this, the king and his followers understood the spiritual power of both Tansena and his guru, Svami Haridasa.

The king then desired to directly meet with Svami Haridas and hear him sing. But there was a problem; Svami Haridasa only sings for the pleasure of his worshipful Lord, Bank-bihariji, and for no one else’s. When the king arrived in Vrndavana. Svami Haridasa said, “Oh has this muslim king now come here to create problems for us?”

To resolve the situation, Tansena took his sitar and started singing, but he sang off-tune and out of rhythm. His gurudeva, Svami Haridasa, chastised him, saying. “Is this how I taught you to sing?” He took Tansena’s sitar and started to sing himself. At that time, a big cloud appeared in the sky and it started raining. The demigods came and offered flower petals, while the Gandharvas were dancing. Bihariji also came and danced there. All the flower trees started to bloom and drop honey, and everybody present was crying in separation. When the king saw this scenery, he became astonished and understood that God is really present in this world with his devotees.

When that Svami Haridasa left this world, his transcendental body was placed in Samadhi in Bihariji’s nikjunja-vana, Nidhuvana. There, he is continuously serving Bihariji, and at the time of rasa-lila, he sings his songs under the guidance o Lalita –sakhi for the pleasure of Bihariji.

We should never think of the Samadhi centers of the guru-varga as ordinary graveyards. They are not like pyramids, holding mummies. If a maha-bhagavata spiritual master is present somewhere, then all his spiritual wealth will be present there too. By visiting the Samadhi of Svami Haridasa with respect, faith, and heartfelt love, we can obtain his mercy. Svami Haridasa himself will come to give us his blessings and all kinds of help for our eternal benefit. This place is called a center of eternal Goloka Vrndavana in this world.

Premananda Prabhu ki jaya! (excerpted for the Samadhi book, “Sri Guru Darshan” as it is, please order this wonderful book from



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