Srila Bhaktivednta Narayana Maharaja Srila Gurudeva, Holland June 11 2003

Nowadays devotees go to their Gurudeva and say, “O Gurudeva, I want to take poison (sense gratification with the opposite sex). Please order me to take this poison.”

Gurudeva replies, “How can I order you to take poison?”

The disciple says, “I may commit suicide if you don’t!

Gurudeva says, “Oh, don’t commit suicide. If you do so, you will have to suffer more than you are suffering now. I cannot give this order. If you do not want to obey, you can take the poison on your own, but I will not give you an order to do so.”

The disciple is then very happy, clapping and telling others, “My Gurudeva has given me the order: ‘You can take that poison.'” This is bad.

We have been engaging in sense gratification since the origin of this creation.

We have been humans before. We have been kings and animals like hogs and dogs, we have had thousands of wives, and we have also been demigods but still we are not satisfied.

I know that after some time such “disciples” will again not be satisfied, and they will again become hogs and dogs. How can Gurudeva order his disciple to engage in sense gratification? He will never do so.
Contrary to this type of disciple, Raghunatha dasa asked, “O Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu! O Master! I want to come with You!”

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