Acharya-kesari Srila Bhaktipragyana Keshav Gosvami Maharaja’s Harikatha:

1. Only by the mercy of Sri Guru and vaisnavas is it possible to attain the mercy of Krishna.
2. The mercy of sadhus and the soul’s intent desire to serve are one and the same.
3. We should try and develop intimacy with vaisnavas in which we regard them as our bosom friends.
4. Srila Krishnadas Kaviraja has listed 26 qualities of a vaisnava
5. The defining quality of a vaisnava is his dedication to Krishna.
6. The remaining 25 qualities manifest under the shelter of this primary characteristic and further enhance its sweetness.
7. It is impossible for a non-vaisnava to possess the qualities of a vaisnava.
Example: An ordinary person can be “magnanimous” according to the conventional meaning of the word. But this adjective cannot be applied to anyone except a vaisnava when it is given its truest and most profound sense.
8. I begin my journey to hell by being envious of a vaisnava, seeing in him so-called faults.
9. Vaisnava cinite nare devera sakati – It is impossible even for the demigods to properly identify a vaisnava.
10. This is possible only by their mercy. We should pray for that.
– Adapted from Rays of the Harmonist, Kartik 2012