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Why did Sanatana Gosvami not give Madan Mohan salt when He asked for it? We are not independent. Some people learn everything and then go to another’s shelter. Is that proper? We will not do anything without Her instruction. Even if Bhagavan Himself asks for something, if we have no instruction from Radhika, then we will not act independently. But we should also not neglect Him.

Sanatana Gosvami said, “Yasoda Mata could not fulfill Your desire. You want something today, and something new tomorrow. At every moment You will want more. What can I do? If Srimati tells me to serve You, then I will do as You wish.”

By getting Krsna’s mercy, we get nothing so great. Until we get the gopis’ mercy, until we get Radhika’s mercy, Krsna’s mercy is temporary. How long did Druva get Krsna’s darsana? For only some moments. How long did Krsna give darsana to Narada for? Only for some moments. But once Srimati accepts any sadhaka, Krsna will always run behind that sevaka. Therefore, Radhe Radhe Gayainge, Vrndavan me jainge! Singing Radharani’s names, we will enter Vrndavan.

Krsna is a cheater. But Srimati Radharani is sweet and simple. She never cheats anyone. Therefore, asraya laiya bhaje tare krsna nahi tyaje ara saba mare akarana. That person who has not taken shelter will be lost.

But if you take Krsna’s shelter, what will He do? How many go every day to Vraja? So many come, so many go. But those who take shelter of Radhika, they never leave. Those who take direct shelter of Krsna, Krsna will send outside. He will give you so many palaces, like He gave to Sudama. He will give you more opulence then His own Dvaraka.

Krsna may come to you to test you. He will say, “I am Madhusudana. Will you serve Me?” Oh, but if you independently serve Him, then you will be lost! Whatever I have, that is Radharani’s. That must be your conviction. Whatever I have, is offered to Srimati. Salagrama, You are there, I am here. I will serve You only if She tells me to.

Gopala Bhatta Gosvami worshipped Salagrama by the desire of Radhika. Mahaprabhu had said to Him, “Stay in Vraja, then I will come to You.”

Then Radha-Ramana manifested. Before, He was present as Salagrama, but then He manifested as Radha-Ramana. This is because Gopala Bhatta was always worshipping under guidance of Radhika.

Radha-Ramana is a sannyasi. Therefore Radharani is not there. He is Mahaprabhu. So Radha-Krsna are both there. This Radha-Ramana is Mahaprabhu, but Krsna outside, and Radha within. Mahaprabhu as we know Him is Krsna inside and Radharani outside—antar krsna bahir gaura. But Radha-ramana is Mahaprabhu the other way, antar radha bahir gaura.