The gopis said, “If people offer themselves to Krsna, Krsna accepts them. He cannot refuse them. This is His weakness. He even accepted the witch Putana as a mother. She offered her breast milk to Him with the intention of poisoning Him, but despite her ill-intentions, Krsna accepted that as service and gave her a permanent position and seva in relation to Him. Now Laksmi will steal Krsna from us, and such is our misfortune that we do not have any power to protect ourselves from this robbery.”

[Quote from a text and PDF file of recently compiled lectures titled, “The Life of the Vrajavasis’ Departs” available on When speaking on the chapters of the Bhagavatam where Krsna leaves Vrndavan, Prabhuji became ill for some days. This regularly happens whenever he speaks on the pastimes of Krsna and the Vrajavasis’ separation. The following text is from that hari-katha spoken in July, 2017.]

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