Srila Gaura Govinda Gosvami Maharaja:

“Krishna is there in His abode, vaikuntha-rajya, the spiritual world, and we are here in the sakuntha-jagat, the miserable material world. How then can we serve Him?

Krishna has made a trick for us, and that trick is Sri Gurudeva.

Krishna has sent Sri Gurudeva here to this material world to spread Krishna’s samsara, His household or family. It is Krishna’s desire that His samsara be manifest in this world. All sadhus and mahajanas are gurus, so Krishna has sent them to manifest His samsara. So in this material world Gurudeva has opened Krishna’s samsara.

The Supreme Lord has not said, “You go and make your own samsara.” Rather, Krishna has said, “Go there and do My samsara.” So by Krishna’s desire, Gurudeva has come here and opened Krishna’s samsara. Krishna is his eternal master, nitya-svami. Gurudeva has completely surrendered and dedicated his life, kaya, mana, vakya: body, mind and words, to Krishna. That is Gurudeva.

Those who take shelter at the lotus feet of such a Sri Guru, he takes them and makes them enter into Krishna’s samsara. Gurudeva says, “I am doing Krishna’s samsara, giving everything for the enjoyment of Krishna. You please come and enter into Krishna’s samsara. Then you will be free from the clutches of maya. You will be free from all material sufferings.”

Srila Gour Govinda Maharaja 
“The Worship of Sri Guru.”

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