Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura explains in the purport of this verse in his Sarartha Darsini commentary. He says this was the process for preparing for rasa. Krsna has manifested the place of rasa-lila in Vraja and He wanted to give the gopis this transcendental nectar. He wants to make them qualified, pure and related to the nitya-siddha Gopis. He is mostly talking to the sadhana-siddhas Gopis here, those who have recently come to Vraja and achieved the perfection to be in Vraja. He is desiring to make them connected to the nitya-siddhas, Radharani’s eternal associates. 

 Krsna specifically calls the sadhana-siddhas to help them and make them mature further. He does this by testing them. He asks them things to find out if they still have connection to anything material in this world.

If we have knowledge of the pure rasa then we can transcend and be free of any attachment to gain or loss, victory or defeat, or any problem that comes. We will be completely free of any mundane attachment to whatever external circumstances come to us. We will then be very peaceful, happy and always satisfied within ourselves and in our relationship with the Lord. Otherwise we can never get this transcendental rasa when we are still materially attached and always worried for our own gain and loss.

Krsna tests the Gopis in this way to help them. It is like dhog pita picara, meaning when someone taps on a drum or some musical instrument to make sure there are no cracks or holes. Krsna tested them to make sure there was no crack in their sadhana, and if they were mature and ready for His transcendental nectar. He was trying to make sure there were no holes in their pots so that when He gave His prema, or His aprakrta transcendental rasa, it would not leak out.

Krsna said to the gopis, “You have come here to this solitary forest and had My darsana.” This is not an ordinary thing. To have the darsana of Krsna when He is alone in the forest and He is ready to give His nectar, is not ordinary. Krsna then says to the gopis, “Welcome. Welcome.” 


Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura explains that Krsna spoke to the gopis in a very straight forward and simple manner. He asked; “Why have you come? What can I do to please you? Is everything well at home? Please tell Me without any shyness what can I do? How can I act in such a way to fulfil your desire? I want to satisfy you.”

On hearing this, the Gopis were thinking; “Oh lampat – cheater. Oh debauchee. You know why we have come. You called us here, why are You asking this. We wouldn’t have come if You had not called us with Your flute.” And Krsna told them; “Without any shyness you should tell Me what you want. You should explain what is the mood of your heart, then I can satisfy you and you can return home.” 

Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura is saying, the Gopis coming to meet Krsna in the forest, doesn’t mean they wanted something material. They were thinking, “Oh Krsna, we don’t want anything from You. We haven’t come here for some material benefit. We don’t have any shortage of anything in our lives and homes. We haven’t come here to take anything from You. We have only come here to serve You and to fulfil Your desire. You are asking us how You can fulfil our desire, but we don’t want anything from You. We have come here only to please and serve You. You invited us here with your flute, that is why we left everything. We even dressed quickly and without proper awareness. Only thinking of You, we left everything and came to serve You. Why are You now asking us what we want? You know what we want.”

If someone has a misfortune fall upon them, the test of character is how they react to it, and how thy behave in such circumstances. If someone has some shortage, then they will run here and there looking for a way to alleviate the shortage. If there is some need they will run to whomever they can and ask for help. But if they are completely satisfied, then why will they go anywhere? They will be happy where they are. 

When Indra tried to flood Vraja with the clouds of devastation, Krsna protected the gopis by lifting the mountain Giriraja Govardhana. Krsna said to them, “Remember when Indra tried to flood all of Vraja and I protected you under Giriraja? Has something similiar happened in Vraja? Has some demon attacked you, and you have run into the forest looking for help from Me?” 

Now in that dark night Krsna said, “Oh there are many vicious and violent animals here in the forest and they could attack you. You shouldn’t come into the forest alone at night, this is not good. You have all come here separately and alone. It is not safe here. You should go home and stay there where it is safe.”

Now the gopis smiled shyly whilst looking down. Even though it was night time and they were in the forest, Krsna was very effulgent, it was a full moon and there wasn’t so many violent animals in Vraja. Krsna really was joking with the gopis by saying this.

Especially during the full moon time, from midnight until 3am, at that time specifically, the spirits and ghosts have influence. Siva’s associates, the different ghosts and spirits, maneaters, cannibals, raksashas, and witches have full influence during this time period.  After 3am it is brahma-muhurta, an auspicious time. From 9am to 12noon the demigods and goddesses come. At this time if there is a young girl or boy, the sun may enter every pore of their body and enjoy them. At night time the moon will enjoy them. Therefore no one is actually really chaste, especially if you are a young beautiful boy or girl. On seeing you the demigods and goddesses will come in a subtle form and try and enjoy you. They will not let you live chastely, so what can you do?

Krsna said to the Gopis, “This time is very dangerous. Demons are always looking for some beautiful girl to attack and enjoy. You should not go into the forest alone at night.” If someone is a little impure then ghosts and spirits will attack them. 

Indra once came and served his step-mother. For 9 months when she had children in her womb Indra served her so nicely. She was thinking, “Why is Indra always serving me so much?” One day when she was very pregnant, she fell asleep without cleaning her hands and mouth after eating. Indra took that chance when she was a little impure and contaminated. He entered into her womb in a small form and cut her infant into 49 pieces. He thought that if this child was born then he will be his enemy and will try to kill him. When she woke she saw 49 lumps. She asked her Guru, “How did this happen?” He told her, “Oh Indra served you so much so definitely there was a motive. When you were unclean and he entered your womb and cut up your baby.” Later they all took birth as the Maruts.

We should all be very careful. People may come and serve you so much, but only to steal all your good qualities. When one becomes a Guru he should be very careful. Many people may come who want to be their dear disciples, but what is their real motive? It may be only to steal everything or to destroy you. It is very dangerous, especially if you have a big position, or are very young and beautiful. People will come and serve you, make a relationship with you, but the motive is only to steal and enjoy you. 

Krsna said to the gopis; “Oh it is night time and many spirits, ghosts and wicked people come out at this dangerous time. Why have you left the safety of your homes and come into the forest so late at night?”

The Gopis could have said; “We are fearless. You are here. You are Narayana.” But they did not say this. They were decorated with all good qualities and were fearless. Krsna was just teasing them saying; “You should go home it’s not safe here.” 

If the Gopis had answered, “Oh we came together with many other Gopis so no one could have attacked us.” Krsna would then say, “No it is the gor ratri. It is night time, and very dangerous time to be in the forest. In Vraja it is safer in the village.” 

Don’t think there is no one in the forest. You may be walking alone but you do not know who is watching or waiting to capture and kidnap you. You may be alone but still it may be very dangerous. If you are in a temple, in a place with many devotees, then you can be safe. But if you are wandering alone in the jungle or the forest you don’t know what is happening there. Many animals are killed in the forest. Many hunters are there.

That place may have some tamo-guna, some bad influence that can affect your mind. You should be very careful because you are going alone and are not very strong, then how will you protect yourself? Krsna said; “Oh you don’t know who is in the forest waiting to attack you, and there is no one here to help you. You should not stay, go home. Why? On one side it is night time and there are many violent animals roaming in the forest and there could be hunters who may hunt you. You should quickly return home to Vraja.”

If Krsna were to ask them, “What is the purpose of you coming here? Women should not stay in the forest alone. Men do not have to worry so much.” Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura explains that ladies do not have the same strength as men, therefore they should be even more careful. They should not wander around alone. Krsna says, “You are abala, – without much strength so you should quickly return home.” 

If the Gopis were to say; “No. We came together. It is a full moon and it is not that dark. It is almost like day time because the full moon is so bright.” But Krsna said that ladies should not be walking around alone and without protection, and especially at night time when it is such a dangerous and fearful time.

The Gopis could also say; “Oh Kamala Locana. Oh Lotus-eyed one. It is not a dark night and it is not so dangerous in Vraja. There are not any wild and wicked animals or violent men, so don’t worry, we are not alone, we are all together here.” 

If there is a lion in the forest, and if he is hunting, then he will capture any pray and kill it. So Krsna was saying, “Oh gopis, there may be many dangerous animals like lions and tigers and you don’t know how to fight them, you are just simple cowherd girls. What will you do if you were attacked by many tigers or lions? I would not be able to protect you alone. Therefore you should quickly return home, don’t stay here.”

If the Gopis said, “Oh Krsna we aren’t afraid of any violent animals, hunters or anything.” Krsna would tease the gopis saying, “Oh you are very thin waisted girls. You aren’t strong, you are very weak girls. How will you save yourself from a very powerful animal or man? You shouldn’t be wandering here, it is not a proper thing in society.”

The Gopis say, “In Vraja no one fights, or has a violent mood. Everyone is peaceful, and there is no fear of any violence happening here in the forest. We are walking in the forest on a full moon night and it is very peaceful like a beautiful garden. There is no danger so why are you telling us to go home? You have called us here with your flute and we have come, so do not tease us like this.”

Still Krsna says, “No go home to Vraja. It is not proper for you to be here alone with Me.”

The Gopis were then thinking, “Why is Krsna teasing us like this?” Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura says the gopis were thinking, “What an unfortunate condition we have. We are always trapped in our homes and now Krsna has so mercifully called us with His own flute by our great fortune and we have been able to escape the bondage of our homes. But now having come here He is only teasing us and telling us to return to our homes. He is trying to kick us out and send us back to our homes, completely rejecting us. Oh alas! Alas!”

Krsna said; “It is night time right now. If it was brahma-muhurta (early morning) that would be another thing. Being night time you shouldn’t be here alone.” But the gopis were thinking, “There is no one against us here in Vrindavan. Even all the animals are our friends.”

Then Krsna said; “Ok you have come here, so sit and take rest for 10-15 minutes and then quickly go back to your homes. Why? Because you should act in accordance with proper time, place, and circumstance. You are all young and beautiful girls and it is nighttime here and there are many Demigods that could come and try and steal you. I am also a brahmacari and you should know that girls should not come to a brahmacari at nighttime when he is alone. It is not proper. So why have you here? Don’t you know I am known as  a  famous brahmacari in Vraja? I don’t know why you have come here and are standing in front of Me. Quickly go back to your homes.

When Krsna spoke like this, if the Gopis were to say; “Oh Krsna we are all friends here. We have no strange mood and are not afraid of anyone here in Vraja, evenall  the animals are our friends”. Krsna says; “No, you should understand that by birth you are women, so you should act appropriately according to your position. You should not be here alone with Me, it is not proper etiquette. People will criticize you for this.” 

In this way Krsna began to tease and test the gopis. (CLICK ON THE TITLE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE)


If someone becomes a sadhu – a renunciate, then they should not talk about their purva-ashram – previous ashram, or household life. If someone talks to them about it then it is like they will vomit out talking about their past ten lives. They cannot forget these pastimes. They cannot remember the Lord’s pastimes but instead only remember their own pastimes. 

People ask them and they will say, “Oh how I was. What I did when I was a boy. Who my friends and families were. What I did in the life before that and the life before that. Who my partner was. What I do did for a job. What type of life I lived.” They cannot forget this. Therefore if you are renounced you should look forward, not backwards. 

It is said by Bhaktivinoda Thakur, purva itihas. How can we forget our past life memories and only remember the Lord, and have the mood that, “You are mine and I am Yours.” Even if we leave the forest of samsara, or household life, still it is very difficult to forget our pastimes there, even for renounced sadhus. 

Bhaktivinoda Thakur says when someone asks us about our past then we vomit up our past activities and pour them into people’s ears. “Oh I did this and I did that.” This is all like illusory coverings over the soul. We should forget all these coverings and try to progress in our spiritual life and transcend beyond this world into the spiritual world and not just try to be happy here.

One time in Mathura there was a brahmacari who came to Gurudeva and said; “Oh Gurudeva please protect me.” Gurudeva asked; “What happened?” The brahmacari said; “Oh I am very sad.” Gurudeva asked; “What happened? Tell me. You are serving, you are chanting harinama, you are going to kirtana and arati, so what is the worry?” He said; “I slept and at night I had a dream I was in my house again with my family. Even though I have been in the math for so many years still I cannot forget my house, parents, friends, and partner. I feel I am such a horrible wretch. I cannot forget the past and I cannot be focussed and absorbed in the service of the Lord. I have wandered throughout material existence for so many millions of lives, but I cannot forget these material relationships. Please protect me Srila Gurudeva.” Gurudeva said, “Do not worry. I will help you so that wherever you are, while you are chanting harinama and performing bhajan you can think of Guru and Vaisnavas and try and be related with them.” 

When we have a place in our mind and heart for Guru and Vaisnavas then material people will not be able to enter our heart and they will run far away. Now we don’t have real love for Vaisnavas, Guru and the associates of the Lord. We have a place in our heart for maya and all the different filth of maya. We are like vultures trying to eat dead flesh. We should try and give up this nature and bring Guru and Vaisnavas and Krsna’s associates into our hearts. When they come into our heart, Krsna and all His associates will also come and we will not be seeing any worldly things.

Krsna is speaking and joking with the gopis here in an externally indifferent manner. He asks them, “Oh how is your family? Is everything good? Now you should go back home, they will be worried about you.” Krsna wants to see if the gopis are now truly renounced and have left everything behind, or are they still thinking about it. Like when someone comes to the temple we give them prasadam and with some compassion, we speak nicely to them. Krsna is speaking with them nicely saying things like, “How can I help you? Is everything well at home? Is everyone happy? If you don’t need anything now then you should return home.”

If we do not know how to swim then we should not jump into the ocean to try and save a person who is drowning. If we are going to try and save others in samsara – the ocean of material existence, but we don’t know how to swim ourselves, then we will also drown along with them. That drowning person will pull us down with them into the depths of samsara.

Krsna was approached by these millions of gopis. There were millions of sadhana-siddha gopis who had recently become perfected and left the material world and come to Vraja.

What happened when Sudama came to Krsna? Sudama was very poor. He did not take anything from Krsna, but he brought some chipped rice for Krsna. Later what did Krsna give him? He gave him palaces bigger than Dwaraka. When 99.9% of people come to Guru what do they bring? They bring their faults and complaints and all their bad things. They think about others and want to show Guru that ‘I am so great and everyone else is bad.’ They come to Guru offering all these gifts of complaints, fault-findings and bad things that they have collected. 

Then they start to find faults in Guru. They say, “Oh Gurudeva, you have this fault also.” Or they say, “Oh Vaisnavas are useless. Oh Gurudeva you are supporting these Vaisnavas, you are maintaining these Vaisnavas, therefore you are also bogus.” 

They will come to Guru and give all these different letters and complaints and fights that they are in. They will go to Krsna and tell Him these things saying; “Oh I have worshipped You so much but my son died and my wealth is lost. What kind of God are You? I will therefore break Your form and throw You in the Yamuna.” We see some people do this. They take Deities of Krsna that they have worshiped for many years, and then they break Their arms and legs and throw Them into the river.

The jivas in this world are always absorbed in their own selfish enjoyment and are always looking for their self-interest. If they go to Guru, Bhagavan and Vaisnavas what gift do they bring? Whatever comes out of their mouth, that is their gift. What is their mood? Are they only going to Guru to try and get some personal benefit? 

Krsna tests these gopis thinking, “What did you bring?” He is shaking them with His speech and He sees, “Oh they don’t have any attachment to this samsara. Their husbands tried to stop them by holding sticks and were even ready to beat them. They were even locked inside their rooms. But did they criticize their husbands?” 

We see Prahlada Maharaja’s father, Hiranyakasipu, disturbed Prahlada so much. Hiranyakasipu tried to kill Prahlada in various ways, but did Prahlada complain to Nrsinghadeva about his father? 

A tridandi sannyasi took sannyasa and went begging for alms. One householder pulled his sikha, another householder pulled his kaupins off, and another person took his danda and tried to beat him with it. He was holding out his cloth for alms and someone threw dirt in it, another passed urine on him and someone threw stool on him. What  type of prayer did he offer?

tat te ‘nukampāṁ susamīkṣamāṇo

bhuñjāna evātma-kṛtaṁ vipākam

hṛd-vāg-vapurbhir vidadhan namas te

jīveta yo mukti-pade sa dāya-bhāk (Srimad Bhagavatam 10.14.8)

“My dear Lord, one who earnestly waits for You to bestow Your causeless mercy upon him, all the while patiently suffering the reactions of his past misdeeds and offering You respectful obeisances with his heart, words and body, is surely eligible for liberation, for it has become his rightful claim.”

The sannyasi thought this is all my past karma. He then remembered if someone can accept this, then he can become liberated. Even though all these bad things were happening to him, he did not blame God. 

The Vraja gopis don’t even complain like this thinking; “Oh this is my bad karma.” What was their nature? They had no attachments. What is our nature? We are drowning and Guru comes to pull us out of the water, but we want to bring all the weights in this world that were causing us to drown with us. We want to stay with Guru, but be sick. We don’t want Guru to cure us. Instead we want to bring all our material sicknesses with us and be sick with Guru.

 When any problems come we immediately go to Guru. If we have something bad we go and tell Guru, but if something good comes will we go and tell him? We have this nature of bringing out garbage and filth and that is our gift to Guru, that is our bhajana.

Were the gopis like this? Did they come from their house and come to Krsna like this? When the wives of the brahmanas of Mathura came to Krsna with nice foodstuffs for Him, did they complain about their husbands? Before, their husbands would not give the sakhas any nice lunch. Their husbands told the wives not to go, but they went anyway. When they went to Krsna, they did not complain to Him. They said to Krsna; “We have come and we offer ourselves completely to You.” Krsna told them to go home and they accepted His instruction. He said; “Do not worry they will now worship you.” When the wives of the brahmanas went home, we see that the husbands did worship their wives, and they became respected throughout the whole universe.

Did the gopis think like this? “Oh we have come to Krsna and our husbands and families are upset, but Krsna can give us some nice thing now and then we will go home and be glorious all over the universe?” Krsna checks; “Do they want this? Do they have any desire for prestige, name or fame? Whatever they want I will give it to them.”

Sudama Vipra came to Krsna and gave Him a few pieces of chipped rice, Krsna then gave him a palace greater than any palace in Dwaraka, and maidservants even more beautiful than any of His queens in return. Even though Sudama only brought a very small offering, having been sent by his wife, and only because she had desired these things, Krsna fulfilled them. When we are coming to Guru and Vaisnavas we should always examine ourselves and think, “What is my desire?” Otherwise we will be cheated with material things, and be bereft of the spiritual fruits of their association. 

Krsna asked the gopis; “Is everything well in your homes? Is everyone happy? You weren’t beaten were you? Did anyone act inappropriately with you and therefore you have come here into the forest in this haphazard way, dressed very strangely? Is there any problem at home?” Krsna is checking, “Do they have any desire? Will they complain?” No one can stay forever with the Lord if they have this mood.

Hundreds and thousands of people come to ashrams but they do Vaisnava-aparadha there. They do offences and look at the faults of everyone. They make offences to the dhama, offences in service, offences to Vaisnavas, offences to Guru, offences to the Deity, and offences to the Holy names. We must be very careful. 

It is said that Guru will see; “Oh this person is always criticizing others so let him be far away. I will give him many nice things and great facility. I will give him material reputation, wealth and so forth, and will send him far away from me.” Guru and Krsna are very clever like this. If someone is like that Guru and Krsna will not accept him. Hundreds of thousands of people will come, but how many will stay? It is very rare. (CLICK ON THE TITLE TO READ THE COMPLETE ARTICLE)


After getting this eligibility to enter the spiritual world what should we do? Children are sent to school, but by attending that school for one day they do not yet obtain the qualification to graduate. We mature gradually and by only going to school we will not attain full maturity. Once we have completed our schooling we still need practical experience. 

When students go to school they have to take shelter of the teachers, but even on doing so they still cannot attain all qualifications in one day. Time and study is required. A person is called a student if he is under the Ksatri umbrella of a teacher.


Once a boy went to a King and said, “Oh King, make me into a pandit – a wise and learned person.” The King said; “I will give you all proper arrangements to learn, study and be educated, however it will take some time.” The boy said; “No. Make me into a pandit in one day! You are a King, you should be able to do it with no problem. Oh King, why can’t you do this?” The King thought; “It is not possible like this. What can I do with this brahmana boy? He is very obstinate.” 

If someone is a very foolish person or ignorant, they cannot be made into a wise sage overnight. However foolish people are they are very stubborn and will not listen to the advice of anyone. Whatever a foolish person thinks, whatever their understanding is, they consider it to be the greatest. This is the symptom of a fool. 

This boy would not accept anything else. The King called his minister and the minister told him; “Ok, I will make him into a pandit in one day.” What did the minister do? He said to the boy; “Shave your head and leave a very big sikha. Put on very big tilaka on your forehead, all the way back to your sikha. Wear a big thick brahmana thread, like a rope, and put a very big turban on your head. Then take a big stick in your hand and we will walk through the different villages of the kingdom. I will go with you and I will announce you everywhere saying; “Oh Panditji Maharaja.” You should then reply, “Oh you are a pandit. Your mother is a pandit, your father is a pandit, your sister is a pandit,” and then speak condescending words to me and yell at me. Then you will become famous as a pandit everywhere and everyone who sees you will call you “Panditji.” 

They went into the different villages like this and wherever they went the minister would say; “Oh Panditji.” And the boy would reply with bad words saying; “Oh you are a pandit. Your mother is a pandit, your father is a pandit, your sister is a pandit.” They then went from one village to the next doing the same.

The next day the boy went out alone and saw everyone was calling him “Panditji Maharaja.” He thought, “Oh my life is now successful! Everyone thinks I am a great Pandit!” It is said that this is like a ponga pandit, which means a false guru.


So now we have become students. It does not mean that in one day we can become teachers. Are we ‘students’ or ‘stupid’? We are like very foolish children, and we should not consider ourselves to be great and wise elders. We have come to this world to be students and to learn how to enter the spiritual world and live there with the associates of God. To enter that world we must first become qualified and matured. Those who are actually wise say; “yogyata vicare kichu nahi pai,” – ‘looking at myself I see no good qualities. Oh Gurudeva without your mercy I cannot attain anything.’ 

That person who is truly wise knows they know nothing. They think, “Oh I am unqualified, foolish and have no good qualities. Oh Lord, without Your mercy I am nothing.” But those who are very foolish and stubborn will put on big tilaka, wear a big tulasi mala on their neck, shave their head with a big sikha, and then walk around with their head high in the air and their chest sticking out. They will show everyone, “Oh I am such a great sadhu. You should offer me your pranams.”

In truth these people have nothing. It is like they are showing themselves to be a big, big businessman, but they have no money. Such people have no wealth of prema in their heart, so what can they give to anyone? 

By our sadhana we can cross beyond this world and enter the spiritual world. That is the real fruit of sadhana. This world is the abode of inert matter. Everything in this world is temporary and nothing is fixed. Everything here is very insignificant compared to the spiritual world which is the ultimate destiny of the soul. 


The soul is cetana – conscious, but we are living in this world of dull matter, and it is not our real home. The real purpose of our sadhana is to go to the spiritual world, which is the real home of the soul. To be a real student of sadhana-bhakti we must get the shelter of the liberated associates of the Lord. When we are under the shelter of these nitya-siddhas, we can achieve real eligibility and proper understanding of how to enter and then serve in the spiritual world. There are many examples in scripture.

By the merciful curse of the Narada Rsi, the two sons of the Demigod Kuvera, Nalakuvera and Manigriva came to Vraja. When Krsna freed them from Narada’s curse of taking the form of trees, they achieved a divine forms and did parikrama of Krsna and offered Him obeisances. 

Did Krsna accept them as His sakhas? Or His close friends? No! Krsna told them when Narada Rsi was given liberation, he was instructed to preach the glories of the Lord all over the universe. That was Narada’s seva, or service. Nalakuvera and Manigriva were also given another service.


Upon achieving perfection there is also a sadhana, you should understand this. In this world you study like a student, but when you go to the spiritual world it is like graduating from this world to the spiritual world. We may also have a post-graduate course and some service and responsibility there. When Narada Rsi was liberated he received this service, and Nalakuvera and Manigriva also received a service. So even when we enter the spiritual world there is study that is necessary, and we must be under the guidance of higher personalities there. Krsna wanted to help the sadhana-siddhas who had entered the spiritual world to be related and connected with the nitya-siddhas – the eternal associates of Radharani. So He arranged some process to give them more lessons.

When we become liberated there is one kind of enjoyment. Dharma-artha-kāma-mokṣa, moksa is not an ordinary thing. If you become liberated from everything then what is your responsibility, what is the purpose of being freed of bondage? When you get freedom from bondage then people are very happy, “Oh I have no worries, no responsibility, no tension,” but that is also not eternal. The Lord arranged a pro cess to give them His own transcendental rasa by opening the storehouse of His nectar by revealing His own transcendental pastimes in the forests of Vrindavan, nearby the Yamuna River under the banyan trees. (CLICK ON THE TITLE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE)


Some Gopis, overwhelmed with love, were clenching their teeth and biting their lips as if they were very angry, and their eyes had become powerful arrows, shooting glances of love. It was as if they were saying, “Oh now just show us what You will do. Now we have surrounded You on all sides. See if You can disappear now. We are now prepared. See if You can escape us now.” These Gopis made their eyebrows like bows pulled back, arched very high. Their lips became cut by their teeth because they were clenched so tight. It as like they were chewing Krsna. They were very angry ladies. If you have ever seen a very angry lady then you may understand, they had become very strong and powerful. They were thinking, “What will we tell Him? I will say this and that.” But no words came out of their mouths. They just looked at Him with extremely sharp glances, thinking of all the things they wanted to say to Him.

Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura says one Gopi was clenching her teeth, biting her lips and shooting arrows from her arched eyebrows. It was like she was trying to pierce Krsna. She said, “Oh crest jewel of cheaters. Your love is like the strongest snake poison and You have injected us with that poison. You gave us this poison and then ran away thinking, ‘Oh I have given them poison, now if they die then that is good.’ But we did not die. We are still alive. Now what will You do? You tried to kill us, thinking, ‘Oh I have given them poison and now they will die very soon.’ You left thinking we will die, but now we have new life, so what will You do now? Where will You run now? We didn’t think You would leave before, we weren’t ready for You to disappear. But now we are ready and have surrounded You, so try and leave now.”

The Gopis tied a knot in their shawls or saris and then tied themselves to Krsna. Some tied Krsna to Radharani, and some tied Him to other Gopis. In this way they all tied Krsna to one another and He was bound. They said, “This is not only some show. We have completely bound You now and You cannot escape. You will have to be punished for Your sins.” Some gopis were burning in their anger towards Krsna born out of their love for Him. Some gopis, being very mild mannered and submissive, acted in other ways.

Srila Jiva Goswami Prabhu says Krsna is Vraja-guala, a simple sweet cowherd boy. However these gopis did not see Him like that. They were saying, “Oh You are Surasena-Krsna, a warrior. Some of the Gopis had this mood that He was like a warrior and said, “Oh You are like a coward. You are running away from the battlefield and hiding.” These Gopis taunted Him. “You came to love’s battlefield and were defeated. You are so weak, and such a coward that now You have run away. Why did You call us all here? You called us here to the battle. If You are so weak and want to hide like a weakling then You shouldn’t have called us here and met with us in the first place.”

The submissive Gopis in daksina-bhava came before Krsna and accepted His tambula and held His hands and began to serve Him and gave Him candana. Krsna was surrounded on all sides. Some Gopis were complete absorbed in a loving anger mood, and with their eyes shot anger arrows at Him.

The Visnu-purana explains that some of the Gopis spoke to Him with an angry mood. Some Gopis drank the honey of the beauty of His lotus face. Some were very angry, and some were very soft and submissive. In this way the various Gopis had different moods and interacted with Krsna differently.

The gopis with a strong, bold mood are called lalita-anubhava. They are in the line or mood of Lalita. Those who were svadina – always subordinate, were speaking with Krsna in a subordinate way, or meeting in that way. Some gopis were burning in their anger towards Krsna born out of their love for Him. Some gopis, being very mild mannered and submissive, acted in other ways. (CLICK ON THE TITLE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE)


In the story of Ahalya who was cursed to become a stone, Rama said, “Oh Ahalya, I have liberated you today, but don’t think; ”Why did I become a stone? Your husband, Gautama Rsi would do austerities, and everyday you would think; “Oh I don’t want to do austerities at this time”. But Gautama Rsi made you into stone so you would sit in one place and do your mantra and japa properly.

Those who have all different facility will not do bhajan. If one has all facility but does not do bhajan then the Lord will arrange something for them. If one has all qualification then why won’t they do it? Still, if we don’t want to do it, the Lord will arrange something.

Gautama Rsi was such a great sage and Ahalya had no real fault, it was a mistake. Indra was such a wicked man. He thought Gautama will become the king of heaven and defeat him. Demigods like this will come to serve Guru to try and destroy him. In those days there were no clocks or alarms, the birds woke them. In Vraja we see the peacocks will call in the early morning, and in other places chickens will do it.

So Indra came and told the rooster, “Oh you must call out at midnight so Gautama thinks its brahma-muhurta and he will get up and go to the Ganga to bathe.” Again and again Indra said, “If you don’t do it, I will destroy you all.” Gautama Rsi then heard the cock crow at midnight and thought, “Oh it is now brahma-muhurta.” So he got up and went to the Ganga. Indra then took the form of Gautama Rsi and entered his kutir and enjoyed with Ahalya.

What was Ahalya’s fault? She had said, “Oh prabhu, you just went to the Ganga! Why are you back so early.” Indra in the guise of Gautama Rsi said, “No, no. I came back for something. When the real Gautama Rsi returned he saw Indra coming out of his kutir in his form, and with his cloth in disarray. Gautama then cursed Ahalya, as well as Indra.

If the husband is doing austerity, waking at brahma-muhurta, then the wife should also be with him or doing sadhana. It is said if you are waking at brahma-muhurta and doing sadhan,a then even if any wicked person or rakshasa comes then no one can disturb you.

Gautama Rsi said, “You let him enjoy with you, so you should become a stone, then you can do proper sadhana. When Rama came He said; “How many days were you doing sadhana, dhyana, tapa and japa? Therefore, I had to come to you and free you, otherwise I would not have come.”

Before Ahalya would only sleep and not get up to do bhajana and sadhana. Those wives who follow under the guidance of their sage husbands are called dharma-patni – religious wives. Rama said, “You did not properly follow, therefore Gautama Rsi enabled you to do sadhana. He gave you a favorable form in which you could do sadhana. Then how could any rakshasa come and enjoy you as a stone? Would any other demigod come and try and enjoy you like this? If someone is a leper, is disfigured or is handicapped, then will any demigod come to enjoy them? Will any rakshasa or man come to enjoy them? In that way they can do sadhana very nicely.

 The three Gods, Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh all came for Anusuya. Can anyone imagine that these three Gods would come to Anusuya who was so chaste and glorious in the three worlds? They said to her; “Oh give us bhiksa.” What?” she replied; “Oh then you should give yourself. You should become free of all your coverings and give yourself.” Meaning she should go naked before them and give them alms. Anusuya said; “Oh you want to see me naked?” Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh were testing her in this way. Why? She was always doing austerities with her husband. When they came as beggars and asked for alms she said, “What do you want?” and they replied, “Oh we want you.”

She went to her husband and asked, “What should I do? They are asking to see me naked.” He replied, “Ok give them.” He knew that they were Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh in disguise, testing her. She said; “Ok, I will do this on one condition. I will appear before you naked but all three of you must become my babies in my arms. Then I will give you my breast milk.”

So Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh became her babies and she began to feed them her breast milk and push them in a swing. Her husband came back and he said, “Very good. Just see what happens when you come to such a chaste woman. Now you are just babies. And now you can stay babies.” They had no strength. They could not even return to their own abodes.

Where was Siva’s power to destroy? Where was Brahma’s power to create? And where was Visnu’s power to maintain? Now they were just naked little babies, unable to even walk or move about. They simply played in her arms, drank her breast milk, and swung in their cradle.

Then Narada thought, “How long can I let this go on?” So Narada said to Laksmi; “Oh Laksmi, your beloved husband has now left. Now He won’t come back. He is now a little baby. You have now lost your husband forever.” Laksmi thought; “Yes where is He? I haven’t seen Him for some time. I searched for Him everywhere in Vaikuntha but I could not find Him.” So Laksmi then went and performed so many austerities and pleased Anusuya. Then she prayed and begged for her husband back. She begged alms and said; “Please give me give me my husband back.” The three wives of the three demigods all came and did austerities, and received their husbands back. However in one form Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh stayed with Anusuya, and became Soma, Dattatreya and Durvasa.

The Vraja-devis are not like this. They will never give a place for anyone else. They are only one-pointedly and completely offered to Sri Krsna. No one can trick and cheat the gopis. They are not like Ahalya. In every circumstance they are always prepared to serve, even in great separation, their service tendency does not leave them. They are always prepared. At every moment they are absorbed in Sri Krsna’s service. Even in separation they serve Sri Krsna.

So why were the gopis sad and wandering in the forest? Only because they thought they had committed some fault and were separated from Krsna, and thus not able to serve Him. When He finally appeared they held and stroked Krsna’s hands, and by touching Sri Krsna it gave them so much happiness. (CLICK ON THE TITLE TO READ THE COMPLETE ARTICLE)


From a distance some Gopis were looking at Him with red, crooked, and angry eyes. Some were biting their lips, and some were scratching the ground with their toes. Some were speaking very quickly. Then with all their different moods they began to have darsana of Sri Krsna.

Sukadeva Goswami is saying here, that the Gopis became so absorbed in happiness and bliss, that Krsna was forced to come back. Some Gopis suddenly stood up as if their body had been filled with extreme life potency. Previously they had been lamenting and experiencing so much pain. They were on the brink of death and without enthusiasm. They were as if dead. But when they finally had darsana of Sri Krsna, by that vision these abala-Gopis (very weak Gopis), immediately received full strength and energy. They all stood up before the Lord with new life energy and they had divine effulgence coming from their bodily limbs.

Srila Jiva Goswami Prabhu says aghatam and swaghatam are different. Here there was no need for them to swaghat, to have a royal welcoming for Krsna. There was no need for padhya, arghya, achaman and paraphernalia for worshiping Him.

There was no necessity to perform praise or stutis (prayers) because Krsna cannot stay away from someone who is lamenting in extreme separation for Him, and who has great eagerness to offer themselves at His lotus feet. But if one does not have this mood and wants to conquer or control Krsna then the Lord will be very far away. Krsna can only be conquered by pure love and devotion as exhibited here by the Gopis.

The Lord observes everything, and seeing a person’s eagerness, He will personally appear before them as long as they are not misusing their independence or using their strength to try and conquer or control Him. They will be in a surrendered state having given up everything for Him (saranagata).

In the Vishnu Purana it is stated that the Vraja-devis finally saw Krsna’s extremely beautiful, sweet, smiling face. Before this they were crying so much and lamenting. They were completely bewildered as to what to do, not knowing if He was coming or not. They felt like they could die at any moment. They had become so weak from separation, that they did not have the energy or ability to stand or even move. When Krsna finally appeared before them, they instantly stood up to welcome their beloved. They were thinking, “Is this a dream? Is this a hallucination? Is this really real?”

We have heard on “Baladeva Purnima,” how Baladeva Prabhu can give us a divine vision, spurti or glimpse of Paramatma (God in the heart). God is present in the hearts all jivas (souls), and Baladeva, and or Sri Guru, has the potency to bring Paramatma from the heart and have Him appear as a glimpse or spurti. Currently we have turned away from Paramatma and are always separated from Him due to the various coverings of maya.

Guru can give us sakti (transcendental potency) to chant harinama and mantra. When we get the mercy and power of a sad-guru, then the natural tendency to do bhajan, chant harinama, and have a service tendency arises. This is the first opportunity.

Afterwards when we follow His desire of saranagata (being surrendered) then we can cross the different coverings of the material and subtle elements of maya, and become established in our constitutional spiritual nature and form. Then we can have vasta-vadas-darsana, the actual transcendental realization of the Lord.

Then tattva-jnana (transcendental knowledge) arises, dispelling ignorance, material attachment and bewilderment. Then pure sattva, one’s constitutional spiritual position, becomes fixed and anandini-sakti and kriya-vrtti, the spiritual tendency from Srimati Radhika, who is the Lord’s pleasure potency, arises.

In the hot season people suffer so much from the heat. They work 8, 10 even 12 hours or more a day to maintain their families in worldly existence. They work so hard. However in spiritual life, when one receives this potency, anandini-sakti and kriya-sakti, from Srimati Radhika, then they can blissfully and enthusiastically engage in the Lord’s service. This is transcendental, not forced service, and will immerse one in the ocean of ananda, pure bliss. (CLICK ON THE TITLE TO READ THE COMPLETE ARTICLE)


In Vraja there is no one who does not have complete love for Krsna. Some have vatsalya or parental love, others sakhya-bhava, or love of the mood of friendship. And some have love in the mood of servitude and others have love in the mood of a paramour or beloved. No one has a competitive spirit or thinks they are enemies.

They don’t think; “Oh you are very low and I am so great.” The sakhas don’t say to Krsna; “Oh what kind of big person do you think You are? Your father is the King Nanda-raja but You only have 9 lakhs cows, but my father has 11 lakhs cows. You are always coming to our houses and stealing butter but we don’t steal butter from Your house.” The Vrajavasis don’t have this critical mood towards one another. They don’t think, “Oh this person is very low and inferior.” When we develop this type of mood, we receive all kinds of suffering and give depression to ourselves. But in Vraja no one is like this because by keeping Krsna in their hearts, and staying nearby Sri Krsna, then all kinds of low and undesirable traits are lost.

If we look at all our qualities, do we think to ourselves how contemptible we are? Do we think how fallen I am? How despicable I am? Or do we climb atop the mountain of pride? Is that good for us? No! We have a relationship with God and we should know, “I am the servant of Krsna. I am Krsna das. I am very small, and He is the master.”

In this world even an ant does not think itself to be small. He thinks, “I am such a great ant.” He is always very proud. He does not have these good qualities, and he does not have anugatya. In Vraja no one is acting out of their independent will. They are all in anugatya. Without Krsna’s desire even Nanda Baba does not act without discussing with Krsna. Parjanya as well only acts after discussing with Nanda and Krsna. Whatever the Vraja-vasis do they will act only according to the desire and will of Krsna. 

Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura explains in the commentary on these verses of Sukadeva Goswami that the Gopis were filled with all kinds of good qualities so by meditating on them you will get kalyana – welfare. Even if you meditate on a worm or insect in Vraja you will get benefit.

In Rama-loka in Ayodhya, there are so many animals, like Hanuman, who is a monkey, Kaka- basundi, the crow, and many other bears, birds and squirrels. They all have so much love for Rama, and therefore Rama’s qualities enter within them. Simply by remembering such devotees, even though they are animals, you will become decorated with all their good qualities. Similarly if we remember the residents of Vraja then we will also develop all their transcendental characteristics. 

Now the Gopis were dancing, while they were singing with very beautiful melodies. They danced in many wonderful varieties of ways. Who were they trying to attract? Were they trying to show off their skill to one another? Or were they trying to show off their expertise? No! They were doing kirtan only to satisfy Sri Krsna. By their loving mood they surpassed even the Vedic stutis. In the Vedic stutis there is the Sama Veda which is filled with different poetic songs. The singing of the Gopis was millions of times greater than the songs of the Sama Veda which have 16,000 raginis, and the Gopis were singing these different ragas in very beautiful and sweet melodies and tones.

This beautiful scene manifested in the rasa-sthali where Sri Krsna decorated everyone with His transcendental rasa. At that time Krsna said; “Oh sadhu, sadhu! How glorious your singing and dancing is!” He began to praise the gopis. The gopis seeing and hearing Sri Krsna’s dancing and singing, began to praise Krsna. They said; “How glorious Your singing and dancing is!”

Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura explains that Sukadeva Goswami glorified Sri Vraja. Thinking of all the Vraja-devis glories he became so absorbed, that he began to speak about the wonderful traits of each of the different Gopis. At that time Pariksit Maharaja began to have direct realization of these in his heart. It was not that Sukadeva Goswami was only speaking these glories, but Pariksit Maharaja was actually having a direct spurthi, or darsana, in his heart of the Gopis. He developed sambandha jnana, a direct relation with them, and he knew Krsna would never be able to neglect him now. If someone takes shelter at the Gopis or Vraja-devis lotus feet, then it is impossible for Bhagavan to ever leave that person. In this way Sukadeva Goswami glorified the Gopis qualities and all the manifestations of the eightfold symptoms of ecstasy appeared. (CLICK ON THE TITLE TO READ THE COMPLETE ARTICLE)


If this rasa – transcendental nectar, is achieved, then all material rasa will have no worth to us. We will have no tension and our vairagya will be real and not any type of show. We see people  go to the beauty parlor and dress very opulently, but how long will this last? How long will the makeup stay on? However much makeup we put on in this world, or if we change our self to a man or change our self to a woman, or become a husband or a mother, this is all a drama for only 2 or 3 days. There is no value to this kind drama or theater.

If you make a transcendental relationship with the Krsna then your hearts will always be singing and dancing in ecstasy, you will be so filled with happiness and joy. All your conceptions will become transcendental and spiritualized. You will be completely absorbed in transcendental thoughts and then no one will be able to control you, or make you subordinate to them and their material conceptions. Instead those who come to you and try and disturb and engage you, will also become attracted towards spiritual life.

 Like we see with Haridas Thakur and the prostitute. People may come to fight with you, try and control you, try and change you with their bad tendencies. However when they come into sadhu-sanga then all of that will be finished.

Acarya Ramanuja had a wonderful temple in south India and a famous dacoit, Dhanurdhara, once came there. And who did he come with? The most prominent and famous prostitute of the whole city. She was so beautiful. The prostitute had faith in the deity form of the Lord, and was going to the temple for darsana. She waited at the altar for darsana and Dhanudara stood in front of her with his back to the altar. The pujari was about to open the curtains and said to Dhanudara; “Please move so we can open the curtains, because you cannot keep your back to the Deity.” 

Dhanudara replied; “This is only a stone. Look how beautiful this lady is. Look at her beautiful face, she is effulgent like the sun.”

The pujari said; “Oh you are just looking at flesh and blood of the material body. Look at the beautiful form of the transcendental Lord.”

Dhanudara said; “You are crazy. Why would you look at this piece of stone over this beautiful woman? What is in that stone?”

The pujaris thought that the dacoit would not listen, so they went to Acarya Ramanuja who was nearby and requested his help. The pujari said to Ramanuja Acarya; “Some crazy dacoit has come. He is crazy after the flesh of this world. He has lost his intelligence. He is like a drunk man running after a prostitute’s beauty.”

Ramanuja Acarya said, “I am coming.” Then he went to Dhanudara and said to him; “Oh my son come here, come here.” He called him nearby. He indicated to the lady to move a little aside, in front of the altar, and Dhanudara had to come back a bit. So that when the altar opened Dhanudara would be able to see the Deity. When he came back a bit, he was no longer facing the wrong way and then they opened the curtains. 

Ramanuja Acarya said; “Look at the beautiful form of the Lord.”

Dhanudara said; “What is this stone?”

Then Ramanuja Acarya put his hand on Dhanudara’s head, and by that gave him spiritual potency. He immediately forgot all his attachment to skin, flesh and the prostitute and he had darsana of the real transcendental spiritual form of the Lord. He saw the Lord’s supreme and sublime beauty, which is unlimitedly more beautiful than any material flesh and blood body. He lost all his lust and material attachments that had been with him since millions of lives and by the mercy of Ramanuja Acarya, had a beautiful darsana of the transcendental Lord. (CLICK ON THE TITLE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE)


Do not think someone is Sri Krsna’s supremely dear and beloved devotee, if all the qualities of Bhagavan are not entering within that person. You should realize this person is not a devotee of Bhagavan. If you can see bad qualities in someone it is because they have gone far away from the Lord. They are called dur-guna. Dur-guna means bad qualities, and dur means to be far away. If you have developed bad qualities then that means, by nature, you are far away from God. 

 Why do the devotees always glorify the Lord so sweetly? Because when they embrace the Lord in their hearts, then all of the Lord’s qualities naturally come within them. When they are remembering the Lord and praising Him, then all those qualities enter within them.

If someone is displaying their devotion only for show, and they are not sincere in their bhakti, then it will only last for a short amount of time. Someone can speak like a crazy person as long as they are intoxicated, and have their drugs. Similarly, there are people who can speak so eloquently and with different poetic meters and styles. They can also memorize and express so many things, and show that are so respectful and know so much tattva, but in reality, this is not natural, and it is only for show.

However, when you simply endeavor, with all sincerity to embrace the Lord in your heart, then automatically all anarthas and bad qualities will flee, and all your wicked tendencies will naturally be pacified. If from your childhood, you have had the habit of eating impure foods, living with tamasik qualities and tendencies, then naturally you will have difficulty collecting the teachings of the scriptures, going to the Holy places, and having respect for sadhus. On the other-hand if you are always in the association of sadhus, going to the holy tirthas, then naturally their qualities and tendencies will come within you. 

What is paricaya -good qualities? You will be able to see them naturally manifest within a sincere devotee. Such devotees will never have to bow down before any materialistic person in this world. When you embrace Sri Krsna in your heart or make a place for His lotus feet there, then what will occur at that time? All varieties of good qualities will enter within you. All kinds of spiritual potency from the Lord’s divine pleasure potency will enter.

When you take shelter of Bhagavan then His transcendental potency, para-sakti, will first of all give you spiritual knowledge or cit-jnana. Then He will give you cit-bala or so much spiritual strength. But how can these be properly used?  What happens when the Lord gives someone potency but they misuse it? They don’t use it for the proper activities.

Some people have knowledge but what do they do with that knowledge? They only use that, not to help others, but to fight with others. Anarthas – such as wanting various kinds of wealth becomes an impediment in their progress. What is the natural qualities you develop during sadhana-bhakti? You will get jnana, bala and kriya, that is you will get spiritual knowledge, spiritual strength and then you will know how to properly engage in these things. This is by the mercy of kriya-shakti whose presiding Deity is Srimati Radhika. Kriya-shakti is that potency by which we can act, and that comes from Srimati Radhika. You will also develop the tendency to naturally engage in pious actions and the service of the Lord. The Gopis embraced Sri Krsna in their hearts, then naturally all kinds of transcendental qualities and happiness appeared within them. 

Worldly people are naturally depressed, sad and contaminated. Why? Because they have lower desires in their hearts, which are always afflicting them and causing so much disturbance. How many materialistic people have we brought into our hearts? We bring them in our hearts and then we are always disturbed. A person is fortunate if he does not keep anything of this world in his heart. When they give no place for anything like that, then they are liberated. Their heart will be only for Bhagavan.

One kind of person for his own service, or for the satisfaction of his beloved, will do anything and everything, but still on doing that they are not happy. Another person leaves everything and engages everything they possess in Krsna’s service. They are happy and whatever they do they will get pure realization and experience. They alone get the power for spiritual experience and progress easily. (CLICK ON THE TITLE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE)


Once a doctor we knew, came to the temple Kesavaji Gaudiya Matha in Mathura. He worked at the nearby hospital and regularly read Caitanya Caritamrta. He kept some sadhus wooden shoes, padhukars, thinking they were Mahaprabhu’s shoes to worship. After seeing him give so much respect, and serving the devotees there so nicely, Gurudeva asked him how he had become to be so attached to Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu?

The surgeon explained that after reading how Sri Visnupriya, Lord Sri Caitanyas Mahaprabhu’s wife, began worshipping Mahaprabhu’s wooden shoes after He left home and took sannyasis, he decided to also begin this practice. Due to worshiping the lotus feet of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, more and more his meditation on the Lord began to manifest, and all Mahaprabhu’s pastimes began to awaken in his heart, thus taking away all his material desires.

He came to the temple wanting to see Mahaprabhu’s devotees and followers. He desired to serve them and to read all the books on devotional service. Simply by worshipping the lotus padhukars of Sri Mahaprabhu, all these desires for devotional service had awakened in his heart. Gurudeva instructed him to chant harinama and follow Ekadasi.

This doctor was only a middle-aged man in his mid-forties, and a very successful intelligent handsome surgeon. One day he told all his family including the sons and daughters “I am going to Mahaprabhu now directly. If I appear to be leaving my body, don’t touch my body, only call for the devotees at Keshavji Gaudiya Math, and please ask Maharaja, Srila Gurudeva, to come and do kirtan”. Thus keeping the padhukars on his chest and meditating on Mahaprabhu’s lotus feet, he left his body very happily and easily by his own choice. Just like Bhismadeva had chosen to leave his body of his own accord, the doctor entered into Sri Mahaprabhu’s transcendental abode.

Meditating on Sri Krsna lotus footprints, we can easily overcome all material hurdles and easily obtain the Lord’s service. The elephant goad, ankus, will always keep us on the right path, having us go towards Krsna, to the dhama and transcendental service of the Lord. We will not get lost in the jungle of material enjoyment. The ankus (elephant goad) has so much power that anyone who takes shelter of it cannot lose sight of Sri Krsna.  All the devotees, the Bhagavat bhaktas, never forget any of the symbols on the Lord’s lotus feet, such as the chakra, lotus, conch, goad, and barleycorn, because they have so many auspicious qualities that give us strength in bhakti. When Sri Krsna lifted up Goverdhana hill, He touched Giriraja with his lotus feet, and Sri Giriraja opened up like an umbrella. Wherever the devotees are if they meditate on Krsna’s lotus feet, they will have complete shelter, because Giriraj Goverdhana will become an umbrella for you, a chatra. Sudarsana Chakra is always over the heads of the devotees protecting them. When Sri Krsna lifted Goverdhana, Sudarsana Chakra was also over the Giriraja and the devotees, protecting them from the attacks of Indra and the storm Devas the Maruts.

Krsna’s conch the sankhya gives the devotees all transcendental knowledge. By meditating on the left lotus foot of Sri Krsna, with the symbol of the conch on it, all transcendental knowledge will be obtained. Nobody will be able to fool you, cheat or trick you, all transcendental knowledge will enter your heart. The auspicious sound of Sri Krsna’s conch fills the devotee’s heart with joy, and signals the impending doom of all demons opposed to bhakti, making them flee far away, back into the darkness. The conch heralds the devotee’s auspicious victory over material existence, just as the Lord’s conch the Panchjanya signaled the defeat of the Kurus, headed by Duryodhana, by the Lord’s devotees the Pandavas.

Catch hold of the Lord’s lotus feet and deeply embrace them in your heart, then meditate on the bow, astagon (eight sided star), trikona (equal sided triangle), Kalasha  (full water pot), matsya then all Veda, Vedanta, and Upanishads will come and manifest in your heart. In Jaganatha Puri and Bhubaneswara, it is called Sankhaksetra the place of the Lord’s conchshell. It is the land of the Lord’s conch. By the Vaitarani river, Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Prabhupada made a place to worship Lord Caitanya’s lotus feet a padapitha. Wherever the Lord’s lotus footprints are, the devotees have no shortage of anything. In the Jagganatha Puri temple the king also established Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s padapitha, and a murti of Sri Gaurasundara at the southern gate. The king was not happy with only having the Lord’s lotus footprints outside the temple. Later he established Mahaprabhu’s lotus footprints within the temple, then he felt very happy.

All good qualities come to Sri Krsna’s devotees simply by their meditation on his lotus feet. When you go to Giriraja Goverdhana, entering at Dhanghati, there is the sign of Sri Krsna’s lotus feet. Offer pranams at the lotus feet of the Lord there, and then go forward, remembering His feet. Then offer some puspanjali and flowers there as if it was your own heart. Then in your heart all of Krsna’s pastimes will appear.

Otherwise you will be distracted by monkeys, pilgrims, various walas (merchants) and even the Devas will compete for your worship, all trying to distract you. Just as Indra was envious of the worship that the Vrajavasis gave to Giriraja, instead of him. When we come back from circumambulating Sri Giriraja at Shantalaya, the Radha Kunda side, you also see Sri Krsna lotus footprints there also. Gurudeva on Vraja mandala parikrama, at Nandagaon would go to the Choti Caran Pahadi, where the lotus footprints of Sri Krsna are to be found. People would say what is this place? It is just an empty hill, and the people there don’t have any pure knowledge. Gurudeva would go there and give nice harikatha, telling them if just once you meditate on Sri Krsna’s lotus feet, then all obstacles will flee from your heart.

This is such a powerful method for the sadhakas to perform their bhajan and it is the essence of all sastra. When Akrura was going to Vraja and saw the lotus footprints of the Lord, he got down from his chariot and began to roll in the dust, and pray to these footprints. If you take shelter of Sri Krsna’s lotus feet, then naturally you will have Sri Krsna’s shelter. In the beginning of sadhana when someone takes diksha, at that time, you must offer yourself to the lotus feet of Sri Krsna, and meditate on them. Then all good qualities will come within you, and all the processes of service to Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga will easily be learned.

HOW WAS THE WORLD’S MOST POWERFUL DEMON CONQUERED BY THE LORD’S LOTUS FEET? + Does the Lords Lotus feet really have a svastika on them?

Once in Gaya there was a demon called Gayasura attacking all the different lokas or worlds within the material universe. After experiencing defeat, the Devas prayed to the Lord. The Lord came and began to fight with the demon Gayasura. No matter how many times the Lord smashed Gayasura, seemingly defeating him, the powerful asura (demon) would always recover. Despite the fact that to anyone else, the Lord’s consummate blow, would mean certain death to his mortal body. But the demon Gayasura could not be vanquished. Then the Lord placed his lotus foot on the demons head. He held his head to the ground so that he could not rise up again.

Then the demon called out “save me, save me, I am so hungry, you are holding me down with your foot to the ground. I am so hungry at least give me something to eat. If you give me some nice prasadam I promise not to fight or disturb anyone again. I will leave the devas alone”.

Sri Visnu said; “There is so much sin in your heart, you have done so many sinful activities, so I will give you these sinful activities to eat. Eat all of them and be happy”. The demon replied “One thing, if you take your lotus foot away from my head, then I will again start to fight with everyone. I didn’t understand the power and peace, present in your feet, before I fought with you. But once you placed your lotus foot on my head I felt so much bliss and peace. So I am requesting you to please always keep your lotus feet on my head, otherwise I will again become proud and challenge everyone to fight”.

The Lord offered to feed Gayasura the sins of all the people who commit suicide, by jumping of buildings, murdering people and other similar sins. Gayasura only agreed to accept then as long as the Lord would keep his lotus feet there to cure him of any stomach upsets that came with eating so many sins.  Now in Gaya people go there to do pinda or oblations, to the forefathers in order to purify them of any sins they may have committed throughout their life. In this way they hope to have a better destination in their next life, or to attain supreme liberation. This is coming only by the grace of the supreme Lord’s lotus feet. which has the power to subdue even the most powerful demon in the world.


One time the British came and said “Oh these Hindus are only making some drama.” close the Jaganatha Temple and in Gaya stop the pinda offerings. Taking all the pandas or temple servants away from the temples, they told them to go do some  proper work, otherwise you are just creating some drama, that is a joke through your foolish worship. Even In Calcutta they closed the Kali Mandira saying they will tear down the Kali mandir.

In Gaya when they stopped the pinda or the offerings to Gayasura, immediately an earthquake began to start, Gayasura was shaking the earth preparing to come out because Gayasura was a Dayita, he was a huge demon, like a titan or a giant, so the British government immediately agreed to start the pinda offerings again, fearing some supernatural wrath would come upon them. Immediately the pandas and Brahmins restarted many offerings in Gaya feeding him in order to keep his hunger satiated.

Also in more recent times in Puri the Congress came trying to take over the temple of Sri Jagganatha. They had become envious of the grand worship of Sri Jaganatha, Baladeva and Subhadra. They claimed that there was no use making such opulent worship of wooden deities, claiming that their Lordships were only pieces of wood and that they don’t need to eat so much, They claimed this is only a waste of time and a big joke. The governor and the leader of the congress, tried to stop the Jaganatha puja, but all the members of the government, and their staff, such as Indira Gandhi and her son, were all destroyed in a very short time. They thought all of this was just imagination, and they foolishly tried to stop all the worship of Krsna.


In Gaya all your karma can be destroyed by worshipping that place where Krsna’s footprint permanently holds back the dayita, Gayasura. In Kasi you can have darshan of Lord Siva and bathe in the Ganga, afterwards you can go to Prayag and bathe in the confluence of the Yamuna, Saraswati and Gangadevi, after that you can go to Mathura, and finally you can progress further into Vraja.

There are nineteen symbols on the lotus feet of Sri Krsna, O Devarshi I see there are nineteen symbols on the feet of Sri Krsna. On the right foot there is the barley corn (yava),flag (jayapataka), lotus (padma), goad ( ankus), thunderbolt (vajra), disc (Sudarshana), umbrella (chatra), swastika, Jaman fruit, udhav rekha (auspicious line), astagon ( 8 pointed star ),. On the left foot there is the Akash ( 2 circles), conchshell (sankya), bow (dhanu), cow hoofprint (goksura), waterpots (Kalash,triangle, (trikona), halfmoon (ardha candra), fish (matsya).

Nowadays if you make a swastika people become very upset and ask why are you putting a swastika there. Ghosts will see the swastika and be very afraid of it because this is the symbol of Sri Krsna. Even then some people say, why are you disturbing ghosts, because the ghosts don’t like the swastika symbol, they become afraid and go away. If you put up a flag they say why did you put up a flag, why are you disturbed?  Take it down. All these symbols of Sri Krsna lotus feet are very powerful. Kali Maharaja and all his followers flee from them, therefore some people will try and keep them away so the Lord’s auspicious qualities cannot spread all over the world.

If you see a flag or swastika symbol, they will remind you of the lotus feet of Krsna, therefore we should always meditate on the Lord’s lotus feet and the symbols on his lotus feet. By seeing a lotus the mood to offer yourself to the lotus feet of Krsna is awakened. By seeing the barley or the waterpots we think of how Laksmidevi took the dust of the lotus feet of the Lord, creating grains in order to stop the jivas being so hungry and eating each other at the beginning of creation due to lack of food. Just like snakes will eat their own offspring, unless one or two babies survive, from the hundreds born, and the mother’s and father’s tendency to kill and eat their own offspring, there will be no next generation of snakes. Even nowadays there are some people who will cut out their own babies from the womb and cook them before eating them. (CLICK ON THE TITLE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE)


At that time the Gopis began to imitate all the pastimes of Sri Krsna, One said, “O cowherd boys, look a dangerous fire is coming to engulf us, close your eyes, don’t worry I will protect you from this danger. “They were so absorbed in the pastime of the Davanala forest fire, the Gopis didn’t even see one another, all they saw was that each of them was one of Krsna’s cowherd friends, the sakhas and that they were protecting the calves. The fire had completely surrounded them and the gopis told one another, “Close your eyes, I will save you! Don’t worry“! Srila Jiva Goswami says, in this way they began to imitate the pastime of Kaliya lila first, then the subsequent lila of the forest fire that threatened the cowherd boys and calves.

On the occasion of Sri Krsna dancing on the hoods of Kaliya’s heads, the Gopis were considering how fortunate Kaliya was that he was embracing Krsna in his coils and kissing (biting) him. Today Kaliya’s fortune has dawned because he has achieved something that we have not, the chance to dance with Krsna. When Krsna escaped the embrace of Kaliya he wanted to show the Gopis his expertise in dancing on Kaliyas many hoods in order to increase their desire for the rasa lila in the future.

The Gopis thought, “Oh Kaliya you are so fortunate! Krsna has easily given you the dust of his lotus feet on your heads, without any endeavour you are receiving this, Krsna’s lotus feet are rarely obtained.“ When the gopis prayed to Krsna in the “Gopi Gita”, can you please put your lotus feet on our chests, Krsna replied; “I cannot put my feet on your chests, because they are so hot that they will burn my feet.“ So the Gopis were thinking how did Kaliya get the immeasurable wealth of the lotus feet of Sri Krsna on his heads, despite being so envious and malicious that he would destroy anybody who came near him. Simply by the touch of Krsna’s lotus feet Kaliya became the, “servant of Krsna’s servants”, and all his violence and enmity left him.

As previously mentioned, all the gopis were immersed in remembering Krsna’s pastimes with such absorption, that they forgot who they were and became “one in heart” with Krsna.  After remembering Kaliya, they remembered the Davanala forest fire. One gopi in complete absorbtion of Krsna said; “Oh Sakha close your eyes I will protect you, if you don’t close your eyes, the bright blazing glare of the forest fire will blind you, so close your eyes quickly, and I will save you from this fire”. In a forest fire the heat and glare are so intense and dangerous that it can destroy your eyes making you blind, so the gopis who were totally absorbed in Krsna cautioned the sakhas in this way. Then another Gopi came in the mood of Yasoda mata with a rope and said; “O Krsna why have you spilt this milk, come here and I will bind you”. And another Gopi replied; “O Vrajesvari I was so hungry and you didn’t feed me”, while tears of fear streamed down her cheeks. It was as if she was the little darling Krsna Himself being subject to Yasodamayis chastisement.

Jiva Goswami explains in his commentary that if anything is lacking, if there is any fault or shortcoming in his pure devotees, then, “Krsna lila shakti”, personally comes into the heart of the devotee, making him, purna rasattva, completely satisfied in His relationship with Krsna. He also fulfills their earnest desire to associate with the Lord in loving communion.

If someone has the desire to serve Sri Krsna or has already come into his loving service but for some reason, they have some shortcoming or deficiency, then they may at some point leave that service, but for someone who is completely absorbed in the mood of the Vrajadevis this can never happen. If we give even a little space or room in our heart for something other than Sri Krsna then there is a chance of falling down.

One Gopi took the mood of Yasoda Vrajesvari, the mother of Sri Krsna and had a garland of flowers to bind another Gopi, who had taken the mood of Krsna. Taking Krsna she bound him with a garland of flowers which represented the rope. Then the Gopi who was absorbed in the mood of Krsna protested; “Oh Maiya I didn’t break the pot of milk, or steal any butter don’t punish me or beat me.“ The other Gopi in the mood of Yasoda, took the Gopi’s hands, thinking them Krsna’s and bound her waist with the flower garland.

Feeling acute vipralamba, separation mood, from Krsna, one Gopi fainted while the other Gopi playing Krsna, began to shiver and weep. By their intense moods and the influence of lila shakti, the Vrajadevis were feeling all these “unmadas”, various madnesses, in the various transcendental moods. These transcendental moods overtook the Gopis consciousness and could not be defeated or diminished easily, because it had fully internalized and blazed strongly within their hearts. The antardasa, antarbahir, and bahir, stages begin within the heart, manifesting as external displays and absorption in Krsna lila. Eventually when the Vrajagopis regained full external consciousness, they were completely disorientated began to wonder where they were. This was because of complete absorption in Krsna lila, they had completely forgotten themselves.

ARE MILK AND DAIRY PRODUCTS GOOD FOR YOU? – What is the Vedic version?

In our Prabhupada Saraswati Thakur’s time he had a sevak who followed so much strong vairagya -renunciation. Then gradually he could not digest anything. He was doing so much renunciation, not eating anything, that he then could not digest anything, he would immediately pass it out. So Prabhupada said, “Vinoda take him to a good doctor.” Vinoda replied, “There is such a good doctor in my area where I was a landowner. If you like I will take him there.” He was a good sevak of the math. So Vinoda took him to the doctor and he told the doctor the symptoms. Then the doctor said, “No medicine will work for him. He cannot digest anything so how will he take medicine. I will tell you what to give him by which he will become healthy. What is that? Everyday give him cow ghee. Everyday give him one teaspoon in the morning and one in the evening. Then after some time give him two spoons. Gradually come to the point where you are giving him 250mls a day.” Vinoda said, “He can’t even drink water without throwing up or it passing through.” The doctor said, “Oh most of the ghee will go but something will stick and that will give him strength gradually. It will give him new life and strength.”

So they brought him back to Prabhupada and he told him to follow the doctor’s instructions. then everyday they would give him a spoon of ghee in the morning and evening. He would take it and pass most of it out. Sometimes he would pass involuntarily and his cloth would be soiled. Gradually however power and strength came into his body after a month or two and he was being given 250mls of ghee everyday.

If you take flesh and put it in a container and you open it after a week or two it is rotten and so many maggots are in it. But if you take ghee and open it a few weeks later then only fragrance will come out. So if you put meat in your body, such a horrible condition will come to your body. But if you put ghee in your body then your whole body will become effulgent and filled with so much strength. Before there was a rule that is someone came to your house you would give them ghee as a gift. Now this thing has left. People say, “Oh do not take ghee.” However before it was the custom if any guest would come you would give them ghee or some ladhu made with ghee. It was said that if you take these ladhus on the winter then you would not feel any coldness and you will be strong and healthy.

However nowadays what is the condition? Alas! People take vitamin tablets and capsules but they will not take any ghee or milk. They will say, “Oh I can not digest milk.” Why? Just see this person became healthy even though he was about to die. So when misfortune arises within us and we are brought up and maintained by demons then all these bad qualities come within us. However if we want to be happy in our life, then certainly we must take milk, yoghurt, ghee. Do not turn your face away with contempt.

I saw in Srila Prabhupada’s final time even, everyday there would be chappan-bhoga – 56 items for Thakurji, and everything was cooked with pure ghee. So Prabhupada said to his sevaks, “Oh you are making kichoris for Thakurji? Then after offering bring some prasadam.” They said, “Oh Gurudeva the doctor told you should not take any heavy food like this.” He said, “Oh the doctor is my master? He will stop my maha-prasadam? Now he is my ruler and controller?” Then he began to chastise the sevak so much. When he would take prasada Prabhupada would always take hot puris with ghee. He would only take puris that were cooked in fresh ghee, not ghee that was used many times. There is no taste like fresh ghee puris. So Prabhupada would always be served with fresh ghee. When something is made with fresh ghee it has some special quality. Therefore in Mathura there is gavah- a special sweet in certain a season. The ghee that is used to make the gayvah is only used once, and the next day they will make gavah with fresh ghee again. It is very tasty and when you eat it you feel like you have eaten something so wonderful in your life. It is made in winter time. They make so many nice sweets out of ghee and they make so much nice butter. What do people do now? They will make milk powder. The butter that comes out first, is pure, proper butter, not machine butter. It is very soft and golden or white.

When Krsna was sleeping in the morning,  Mother Yasoda would come and wipe His mouth with a damp towel, and then put the makhana – butter – in His mouth. Then she would see Krsna smile so happily. She thought, “Oh His throat must be dry.” She had so much love for Him so she would think like this.

So please do not hear the rascal talks and foolish ideas of the demons and rascals. They have made some new philosophy to destroy the world. We are the followers of Krsna and we are following the path of bhakti. We should follow the sastra. Do not try to break the sastra and make some new thing and start some new philosophy. Do not be crazy like this. Either these people are crazy or they are very wicked rascals, therefore do not listen to these people. As long as you have life, if you can, serve the cows. And even to your last days if you are serving the cows and taking their milk then you will not have any problem. If you cannot do that then help those who are serving the cows. If you pay even for milk then that money will also go to help support the cows, if you are supporting a proper goshala. And whatever sweet you make should be made with milk products. There is no need to eat any other minerals and things like that, you do not need any other medicines and so forth.

I remember we served Gurudeva so much. In the morning and evening we would bring Gurudeva milk. Gurudeva would take one bowl of milk in the morning and the evening otherwise he would not take anything. If we gave him rotis then he would put some ghee on the rotis. Otherwise Gurudeva would say, “A roti without ghee is like a widows roti. How will you offer this roti to the Lord without ghee? It is like thinking the Lord is like a widow without any money.”
Nowadays we are wearing tilak and preaching against milk and ghee? Wicked followers of kali. This is like the biggest activity of the demons and now they are entering our temple and preaching. Therefore do not fall into the grip of these crazy people or your heart will become contaminated and filthy and you will not be able to do bhajan.

Krsna is God Himself but in the morning He takes the cows out to graze. When He calls the cows with His flute they come to Him. Why? Because they are taking Krsna’s adharamrta – the nectar from His flute playing. When they hear the beautiful transcendental sound of Krsna’s flute a very good mood comes within them and they immediately come to Krsna. If you have served cows in your life, then by the mercy of Kamadhenu you can achieve everything. You will certainly get the mercy of Surabhi-mata. Therefore follow the sastra and do not make any new idea, do not follow a foolish person. Do not become a blind sheep and follow other blind sheep. (CLICK ON THE TITLE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE)


Sridhara Swami asks here, what is the nature of the gopis? They became fully absorbed in Sri Krsna and they became maddened in love while searching for Him and they began to re-enact and imitate Sri Krsna’s pastimes.

Srila Jiva Goswami Prabhu says in his commentary that because of the sadness of their separation it took on a huge powerful form. Before the gopis were singing  Krsna’s pastimes in loud voices. Now deeply absorbed in Sri Krsna, they also imitated His pastimes being one-at-heart with Sri Krsna or tadatmika.

They therefore began to exhibit all of Krsna’s pastimes and gave up their own separate moods. They began to lift up their shawls and exhibit the pastime of lifting Giriraja and they said to one another, “Oh gopis! I am Krsna! Look at me! I am standing in the three-fold bending form below the kadamba tree.” As they imitated the pastimes of Krsna then Krsna’s forms and moods began to reflect within them and they became fully absorbed, like maddened. Some gopis thought, “I am Yasoda Mata and I am feeding Sri Krsna and fondling my beloved Sri Krsna,” and they became absorbed in this mood. One gopi, catching hold of another, began to chastise Krsna. In this way they began to exhibit the different pastimes of the different rasas of Vraja. The different moods of the Vraja-basis filled up their hearts.

Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura says that when the creepers who were touched by Krsna did not respond to the gopis, the gopis thought they could not speak because they were so maddened in love having been touched by Krsna. They were like unconscious in love. They asked the creepers but received no response from them.


Then they moved from one place to another and at one point they became unable to search any further because of the their deep powerful affliction of separation, they forgot who they were. Because of their full absorption in Krsna they began to imitate Krsna’s pastimes, meaning they began to think of themselves as Krsna. This is the symptom of extreme separation. They began to experience this in such deep absorption that they forgot their separation and began to experience Krsna-rasa as if they were Krsna themselves. They were so absorbed and in exhibiting Krsna’s pastimes Yogamaya took away any pratikula-bhava – untoward mood – and they developed an anukula or favorable mood. They began to imitate different pastimes like Putana and so forth.

Sukadeva Goswami said, “Oh Pariksit Maharaja I am telling you a very secret thing so please listen. You stayed in worldly household life amidst your father, mother, brother, and friends. You also had many uncles, aunts, grandfathers, and grandmothers, that surrounded you. They thought, “I am a soldier,” another thought, “I am a proprietor,” and once they became absorbed in these different roles, then the various moods of the world entered them. But for the gopis who were fully absorbed in Krsna, no material mood or pastime came within them, only Krsna’s pastimes entered their minds and hearts.”

“Oh King, in this world, the conceptions and moods will not go far away unless you become tadatmika – one-at-heart in absorption in the Lord. Until you completely submerse yourself in the pastimes of Sri Krsna, being fully absorbed in remembering them, doing kirtan of them, hearing them, then in this way you can be separated from material affairs. When these pastimes manifest in your heart and you begin to imitate them or exhibit them spontaneously, then at that time Sri Krsna is not far away.”

One gopi then took the role of Putana and another took the role of Krsna and sat on the other gopis chest. One gopi took the role of baby Krsna crying and another gopi was His mother. One gopi became like Sakatasura and another was like Krsna in the crib. Because of their full absorption in Krsna the gopis were meditating on different pastimes and began to re-enact them.

Srila Jiva Goswami Prabhu says that because of their full absorption in Krsna they began to imitate the different pastimes of Krsna and Putana. When Putana came to Vraja, on seeing Krsna she could not leave Vraja. She took Krsna in her arms and left with Him. However Krsna did not want to go with her, He did not want to leave the Vraja-basis. So one gopi climbed on another gopi and began to re-enact this pastime.


One gopi began to weep and imitate the other pastimes of Sri Krsna and another gopi began to take the position of Sri Krsna in the cart and the other gopi imitated Sakatasura. One gopi became like baby Krsna and another took the role of Trinavarta and picked up Krsna showing she was stealing Krsna. This was not like some theater performance. One may do like this for some time but if it is not continuous, then again some material mood will come, and you will still be remaining in the material world. But the gopis were in the transcendental world in their spiritual moods and were separate from any materialism. (CLICK ON THE TITLE TO READ THE COMPLETE ARTICLE)


If you have absolute faith in your mother, father, friends, husband, wife, children,  society and others, then where is your complete faith in God?

Unless you lose your faith in these material personalities, then you will continue to be in material bondage. On the other hand the only type of bondage for us is doubt. As long as we have doubt, we will remain in material bondage. So Srila Gurudeva would say; “If you have doubt you will go out.” When we maintain doubt in the Lord and the devotees, then we remain in the bondage of samsara.

So how will we get this transcendental faith? Where will it come from? Who will give it to us? It is very easy to be doubtful and to have doubt towards everything and everyone. Many people are there who have so many good qualities and big position, what lacking did Rama have? He was maryada-purushottama, He followed all etiquette and rules and regulations, but what happened? People had doubt even in Rama, like the washerman. What fault did the Lord Ramacandra have? But the washerman still had doubt in him. And he also doubted Sita, who was the Mother of the whole world. He doubted Her chastity and who was he? He was just a simple washerman. 

Parvati Devi, who is the associate of Siva Thakur and like the mother of the whole universe, also had doubt in Sita and Rama. When they went to Earth to see Rama’s pastimes, she saw that Sita had been kidnapped by Ravana, and Rama was wondering in the forest lamenting.

She asked Siva Thakur, “How can this be the Lord? Why is He lamenting like an ordinary man?” In this way, even Parvati had doubt in Rama and Sita. And what happened? We can see because of her doubt, Parvati had to perish. Her downfall was certain. Why? Because of her doubt in the Lord and Sita  later on she had doubt in her own husband. She did not follow his instructions and went to Daksa’s yajna, and there she was burnt to ash. So it is said Krsna tests us. Krsna says, “If you want to come to me then I will test you. What will I do? I will make you wander in the forest like a beggar. You will have nothing to eat just grass and roots and fruits. If you still do not give up your desire to come to Me then I will test you again. I will make you the servant of my servant of my servant.”

je kare amara…. sarva nasa 

“For that person who wants to come to Me, then first I will destroy everything they have. Then if they still want to come to Me then I will make them like a beggar wandering without any possessions, like animals eating only grass, roots and fruits. If they still do not leave Me then I will make them the servant of the servant of the servant of my servants. Then I will see if their desire is still there and if they still have faith in Me without doubt.”

We see Krsna may give such difficult circumstances to those aspiring for His shelter. He says, “If still you do not want to give up My shelter then I will make you the servant of my servants.” Krsna will first test us to see if we have complete faith in Him or not. Why? If we become close to someone and have doubt in them then we can make great offences. (CLICK ON THE TITLE TO READ THE COMPLETE ARTICLE)