In Orissa, in the place called Remuna, Madhavendra Puripada is continuously serving Khira-cora Gopinatha. When Madhavendra Puri left this world, he was placed in his samadhi-kunja there. Ordinary people cannot  understand that he is eternally present there, and that he is still continuously engaged in his asta-kaliya-seva to Gopinathaji. From his samadhi-kunja, he gives inspiration to all his followers and he teaches the whole Gaudiya sampradaya how to lovingly serve Gopinatha.

Once, Rasikananda prabhu, a disciple of Syamananda prabhu came to Remuna, together with all his followers, to have the darsana of Khira-cora Gopinatha. they started a big sankirtana that went on for hours and hours. At last, in front of Gopinathaji, Rasikananda prabhu entered into samadhi and departed to the spiritual world. When his sevakas and disciples saw that their guru had left, they all entered into niya-lila right there and then as well. They were all given samadhi in the court yard in front of Khira-cora Gopinatha temple. Now, from early in the morning till late at night, they perform kirtana there for the pleasure of Sri Gopinatha.

People don’t understand why sri guru is placed in samadhi after his departure.  The spiritual master, or spiritual guide, is God’s dear most followers. When he comes to this world, he remains physically present for a while and during that time, he tries to help all the conditioned souls. Most people, however, cannot understand or accept the help that he is trying to give, and so they are careless. After sri guru’s physical departure, he remains present in another , subtle form and continues to be a spiritual guide to those who aspire to progress in bhakti, He is waiting at his samadhi center for any sincere sadhaka to come. If a sadhaka is praying, begging, and crying there , his guru will give him the same kind of help as before. When the guru was physically present, the sadhaka could not understand or accept this help, but after his guru’s departure, he may understand what he lost. What can he do now? Where can he go for help? It is by God’s mercy and order that these samadhi centers are established, so that any sadhaka can go there and attain this highest benefit; Raganuga-bhakti, or deep, natural love of God. In this way, Krsna is mercifully saving this spiritual wealth in this world.

After the departure of Srila Rupa Gosvami and Srila Sanatana Gosvami, Srila Raghunatha dasa Gosvami prayed, O Giriraja Govardhana you have become like a big snake. Radha-kunda and Syama-kunda are like your open mouth, ready to attack and eat me.” The separation of Raghunatha dasa Gosvami was very deep. Giriraja Govardhana replied, “O dear Raghunatha, Rupa and Sanaatana have not left. They are still present in Vrndavana, at their samadhi center, and all their spiritual wealth is present there with them. This is their eternal place of residence in this world.”

These days, after the departure of a maha-bhagavata guru or Vaisnava, people have no interest in arranging a place or room for him to eternally reside in. They do not understand the meaning of samadhi. They think it is a useless waste of time and money to construct a samadhi temple.  They would rather build a hotel or a guest house thinking they can thus secure their monetary income for the future. What is the benefit of constructing a samadhi temple anyhow?” they think. These blind people are only interested in doing business and acquiring wealth. They cannot see that the samadhi is God’s gift to this world.

What would happen if all of Mahprabhu’s associates would fully disappear from this world after their physical departure not giving anyone a chance to serve their transcendental body at their samadhi centers? It would be very rare for the sadhakas to progress in bhakti. The person who realizes these things, will be very eager to establish a samadhi center for his guru, which will be helpful for millions and millions of jivas. It is the kindness of the guru-varga that they remain present in this world even after their physical departure. Their samadhi centers are places of spiritual guidance, teaching and help. But hotels and business centers only offer material enjoyment and recreation, which destroy the jivas’ innate, true nature to unconditionally serve God.

So we are all very lucky that Srila Gurudeva has manifested his samadhi temple. His devotees and followers have offered their own blood, wealth, energy, and mostly their heartfelt love for the construction of this place. They desire to preserve Srila Gurudeva’s presence and his teachings in this world – for themselves and for those who will come in the future.

Ordinary people think that their own judgment is everything. They are foolish and bogus. But one day, by the causeless mercy of the guru-varga, they must come to realize and understand the true value of their spiritual master and his samadhi center. One day, when they become sick and nobody comes to help them, that day, they will cry and weep, and understand that sri guru is their one and only friend.

Ramacandra Kaviraja used to tell his brother, Govinda dasa, Krsna is very sweet. You should serve Him and chant Krsna-nama.” But Govinda dasa had no interest and answered, “I am worshipping Kali Ma, Candi, Durga. I don’t like Krsna. Durga-devi is my mother; She will protect me.”

After some time, Govinda dasa became very sick. When he was about to die, Ramacandra Kaviraja was called there to help. He again told his brother to chant the holy names of God, to chant the maha-mantra, to remember Sriman Mahaprabhu and Sri Nityananda Prabhu, and to think of Lord Krsna continuously. But Govinda dasa still refused. Ramacanadra Kaviraja said, “You are suffering so much. Why don’t you ask your mother , Kali-Durga, to give you mukti, or liberation?” Then Durga-devi herself apperared and said, It is imposible for me to grant liberation. Only mukunda can distribute mukti.” Hearing this, Govinda dasa finally took shelter of Ramachandra Kaviraja, saying, “You are like my guru. My whole life, you have been giving me good advice, but I never followed any of it. I believed in Kali-Durga and in many other things, but now I realize that I was wrong. Lease help me.” Ramacnadra Kaviraja then initiated him into the Hare Krsna maha-mantra and advised him to always give respect to the Vaisnavas.

Govinda dasa prayed to Narahari Sarkara Thakura, Muknunda Thakura, and many others and by their mercy, he regained his health. He then wrote the song, bhajahu re man, sri nanda-nandana, abhaya-caranravinda re. He wrote many songs, and would send them all to Srila Jiva Gosvami in Vrndavana. Srila jiva Gosvami became greatly pleased upon reading them, and gave Govinda dasa the title ‘Kaviraja.

When Govinda dasa Kaviraja disappeared from this world, he was placed in samadhi in Srikhanda. Even if a cruel, animal-like faithless person comes to this samadhi, then Govinda dasa Kaviraja will change that person’s nature. He will give him spiritual eyes to truly see sri guru and the Vaisnavas, and he will give that person adhikara, or qualification, to eternally serve in the spiritual world.

Our spiritual master and our guru-varga are always present in theis world by samadhi-yoga . When we remember this we will be able to enter into reality. We cannot get true spiritual realization by our own austerities. Our own thinking is nothing more than a collection of mundane conceptions. To be able to progress, saranagati, or surrender, is necessary. But one should only surrender to the bona fide spiritual master, not to a random, mundane person. When we come to understand the glories of sri guru and the vaisnavas, we will be able to progress. Then our spiritual program will run smoothly, and we will be able to quickly develop pure bhakti.

Vaisnava Thakur ki jaya! (excerpted from the samadhi book “Sri Guru Darshana As it is” please order this wonderful book from