Srila Gurudeva 25 June 2000, Alachua

Syamarani: Gurudeva may I ask a question.

Gurudeva: What?

Syamarani: You’re speaking about the power of the Guru to deliver the disciple, bring them all the way back to Godhead. So, you always explain how the Guru or Pure Vaishnavas are all powerful and omniscient and Krsna is also omniscient. But, what is the difference between pure devotees’ omniscience and Krsna’s omniscience?

Gurudeva: Gurudeva is more sarvajna. Gurudeva is more sarvajna if he is really guru. If he is the embodiment of the mercy of Krsna, solely, embodiment of His whole mercy, then compare Krsna and Gurudeva. Who is merciful?

Devotees: Gurudeva.

Gurudeva: Without Gurudeva’s mercy, you cannot realize the mercy of Krsna. So Gurudeva is more sarvajna. Krsna has no time. He is in Vrindavan playing in groves always. He has no time to think all these things. But Gurudeva, oh, he is seeing that “all are suffering, so I must help them.” So he is doing. Gurudeva is coming to all and helping.

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