Prabhuji’s Harikatha:

1. Gaurahari is very kind, sweet and soft.
2. If anyone is not doing bhajan of Gaurahari, then they are crazy.
3. He has come to hold your hand, embrace you, take you in His lap and say, “Please come with Me, dance with Me, play with Me. You have forgotten Me and you have forgotten yourself, but I am now telling you that I am yours and you are Mine.”
4. We should pray, “O Gaura, O Nitai! I am fallen. I have no helper, no friends. You are my only friends, my everything. Please accept me.”
5. Nityananda calls out, “O persons of faith! On the order of Gaurahari, O brothers, I beg these alms from you: chant the names of Krishna, worship Krishna, and follow the instructions of Krishna.”
6. How unfortunate are we that we run here and there, but not to Navadvipa-dhama because we have no relation with Gaurahari.