Gaura-purnima Kirtan! Prabhuji dances with the bhaktas! The Gaura-purnima program began with bhajanas at 4 a.m., as every day does…but the kirtana and katha program lasted the whole day without stop until almost 10 p.m. We had a fire yajna in the morning and five devotees received saffron cloth and became official brahmacaris in Mahaprabhu’s movement! Here are some clips from the evening kirtana that lasted about three hours. This was from during the abhiseka and before an hour of holi and vraja-kirtans, after which Vijaya Prabhu of the kirtaniyas led the last of five aratis of the day. Vijaya Prabhu also led an hour of kirtana before abhiseka began. Share if you dare! Spread joy to the hearts of the bhaktas, and terror to the hearts of the atheists!



Great Holi Kirtan clip from Sri Radhe Kunj sung by Prem Pradeep 🙂 Prabhuji showered the devotees with rose petals during the kirtan! Below you can read the translation for the lines you can hear him singing. These are from the most famous Holi Vraja-kirtana 🙂 Today, it is holi in Vraja! Ho Ho Holi in Vraja! Everyone come on out of your homes, you who are black, you who are white you who are fat, you who are skinny, come and dance and play in Holi! Today, it is holi in Vraja!