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Morning Walk, October 3, 1975, Mauritius

Srila Prabhupada: And he is considered to be a great scholar in Bhagavad-gita [which states Krsi-goraksya], and when cow protection was requested, he said that “How can I do it? It is their religious principle.” And he is a great big scholar in Bhagavad-gita. All nonsense going on. “All nonsense going on. Whole world is full of nonsense, mudhas, beginning from Gandhi to any rascal, all of them, rascals. Perhaps it is the first time we are detecting, “Here are all rascals.” It is first time. Then we are enemy of everyone. We call everyone rascal—Gandhi rascal, Vivekananda rascal, Aurobindo rascal. So actually they are, but people are thinking, “These people say all big, big men rascals? Therefore they are rascals.”

Srila Prabhupada’s Discussion with a Journalist:

Journalist: I think an awful lot of our readers, and an awful lot of people in the United States, are terribly confused with the many people who claim to be gurus and gods and who pop up in this country, one after the other after the other, and they say that—

Śrīla Prabhupāda: I can declare that they are all nonsense.

Journalist: I wonder if you could elaborate on that a little bit.

Śrīla Prabhupāda: I can say, furthermore, they’re all rascals.

Journalist: For example, the famous one who sells meditation mantras?

Śrīla Prabhupāda: He is rascal number one. I say it publicly.

Journalist: Could you explain, give me a little background on that, and why, because our readers—

Śrīla Prabhupāda: From his behavior I can understand he is rascal number one. I do not want to know about him, but what he has done makes it obvious. But the wonderful thing is that people in the Western countries are supposed to be so advanced—how are they befooled by these rascals?

The so-called religious leaders are not following even the most basic religious principles. For instance, in the Old Testament there are the Ten Commandments, and one commandment is “Thou shalt not kill.” But killing is very prominent in the Christian world. The religious leaders are sanctioning slaughterhouses, and they have manufactured a theory that animals have no soul. “Give the dog a bad name and hang it.”

They are not really interested in religion. It is simply show-bottle. If you do not follow the regulative principles, then where is your religion?

So how can they say they’re religious? And without religion, human society is animal society.

The psychology is that the Western people, especially youngsters, are hankering after spiritual life. Now, if somebody comes to me and says, “Swāmījī, initiate me,” I immediately say, “You have to follow these four principles—no meat-eating, no gambling, no intoxication, and no illicit sex.” Many go away. But this mantra seller—he does not put any restrictions. That’s just like a physician who says, “You can do whatever you like; you simply take my medicine and you’ll be cured.” That physician will be very popular.

Journalist: Yes. He’ll kill a lot of people, but he’ll be very well liked.

“Oh, let us take advantage!” You see? So the rascals advise people, “You are God—everyone is God. You just have to realize yourself—you have simply forgotten. You take this mantra, and you’ll become God. You’ll become powerful. There is no need to control the senses. You can drink. You can have unrestricted sex life and whatever you like.”

People like this. “Oh, simply by fifteen minutes’ meditation I shall become God, and I have to pay only thirty-five dollars.” Many millions of people will be ready to do it. For Americans, thirty-five dollars is not very much. But multiplied by a million, it becomes thirty-five million dollars. [Laughs.]

We cannot bluff like that. We say that if you actually want spiritual life, you have to follow the restrictions. The commandment is, “You shall not kill.” So I shall not say, “Yes, you can kill—the animal has no feeling, the animal has no soul.” We cannot bluff in this way, you see.