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People don’t know the meaning of compassion until they’ve been roasted by the fire of a pure Vaisnava’s chastisement. Those who surrender to and live nearby such Vaisnavas get a good roasting of such compassionate chastisement on a regular basis, while they are burning through their anarthas.

A society with state-sanctioned slaughterhouses is a demonic society. Scripture describes that meat-eating destroys compassion. So all the marxist socialist BS about compassion based on sentiment, while they have sanctioned slaughterhouses, is just that: BS, used as a powerful tool in an age-old cultural war between those with divine qualities and tendencies, and those with demonic qualities and tendencies. Compassion is for the suffering soul in samsara caged in material bodies. “Liberal” or “Conservative” “Right” or “Left” Human Supremacists who think its okay to kill hundreds of billions of animals annually to satisfy their tongues will be awakened to the reality of their brutality by the compassion of Vaisnavas like Prabhupada who declares them all to be rascal demons. This is the highest compassion. Because until you stop feeding the disease, stop slaughtering billions of poor animals, you will have no peace. You want peace, you must first give peace to those weaker than you, then you can get peace yourself.

Vaisnavas are the only real compassionate people in the world.

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