Please accept our humble obeisances. All glories to Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga!

For the pleasure of the dear devotees of Sri Gauranga, we are offering this newsletter, “Engineering Your Inner Self” as our humble effort for the service of the Vaisnava community. Our savants of yore and modern have encouraged us to undertake this work, keeping in mind the large masses of intelligent, educated men and women who have lost the roots of our culture, and do not ‘belong’ now to this or that ‘school’, but have open minds, and want to be educated about this great wisdom. But in the contemporary world, dry, abstract considerations, which benefit no one, but are treated as luxuries in frozen traditions, confined to closed circles, are totally out of fashion. In this regard, we endeavor to present the noonday brightness of the ancient Vedic seers’ genius. With throbbing hearts, they bequeathed to us an inexhaustible fund of intuitive insights through an oral tradition, in a symbolic language pregnant with multiple waves of meanings, which only the equipped minds can discern in a simple way, leaving aside any zeal for exhibitionism.

Reason for Its Descent

To preach the glories of all the unsung savants of the Sarasvat lineage, who suffered the onslaughts of sectarian minds, pregnant with false prejudices.

To save yoga and Vedanta from the hands of quacks who ‘sell’ all sorts of things to gullible Westerners and Westernized Hindus abroad.

To save genuine God-experience from being relegated to abnormal psychology.

For those who are bereft of the current of pure teachings of the Vedas propagated by Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura Prabhupada.

To open the eyes of gullible and dogma blind people.

To propagate ancient wisdom with a scientific and rational approach, not something as dogmatic.

Our savants approach had fearlessness, an unapologetic tone or aim, honesty and truthfulness, that rarely exists in modern Hindu writers, who prefer to please everyone or harmonize all points of view rather than take a tough stand for what is right. This newsletter will not be pleasing for all those hedonistic enjoyers and contempory pseudo savants.

We will consider our efforts successful if this publication is a source of inspiration for anyone. We require some sympathetic resonance on the part of the reader also.

Here is the link (readable online or downloadable) for the pdf of the 1st issue of “Engineering Your Inner Self”.

01 Issue Engineering Your Inner Self

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