If we try to punish a prince directly, we will be punished by the king. We do not have the right to chastise the prince. We may complain to the king, but we cannot punish the prince.

We have come to Vraja by our great fortune. But we should remember our place. If we try to punish the Vrajavasis, or chastise the residents of Vraja, then we will surely be punished. Yamaraja will send the Yamadutas first to us. “Go and bring them to me. They are staying in Krsna’s Vraja, but are acting like the rulers instead of the servants.”

A man had two sons. One was a complete rascal, the other was full of good qualities. But the rascal was always with the parents. He stole from them and disturbed them, as well as others, but was loyal to them as well, and served them. The other son was always eager for wealth and fame and hadn’t a care in the world for his parents. Who is dear to the parents? He who is always with the parents, who has relation with them, and cares for them, he is more dear to them.

We don’t have the right to punish or chastise whoever is present in Vraja.

Kunti stayed with Drtarastra. His sons had tried to kill her, to cremate her along with her sons in their sleep, but still, Kunti stayed with Drtarastra and Gandhari. Even though their sons were fighting and killing each other, they stayed together, and even wept together.

Where is Kunti? She is beyond this world.

If you want to stay in Vrndavan, brother, make your life successful. Follow Mahaprabhu’s advice:

kaha re karo ninda krsna krsna bole
ajaya caitanya se jinibe khele

Never criticize others in the dhama. If we are staying in the dhama, and thinking of others, outside the dhama, then we are not in the dhama. We are not with Krsna. If we are thinking of those who are criticizing us, then we are their servants, we are not Krsna’s servants.

Whose disciple are we? Whose worship are we performing? Krsna tests us. As soon as we come to the dhama, Krsna begins to test us. If we are thinking day and night of our critics and fighting those who are antagonistic to us, then our minds are not in the dhama. We are not in the dhama.

First, become free of attachment or disturbance because of respect and disrespect, heat and cold, and so forth. If in the summer we are constantly complaining, “It is so hot, it is so hot,” where are we? Not in the dhama. And if in the cold weather, we are constantly thinking of the cold, we are not in the dhama.

Bhagavan Krsna keeps many wicked people, thieves, dacoits, and the like, in the dhama to test his bhaktas. Where there are nice sweets, many flies, ants, and insects will come to that place.

Those who want to do bhajana, so many problems will come in their life. Sickness, poverty, and many varieties of suffering. So many people will be against you. But real bhaktas will be happy. They will see these things as very favorable. They will be overjoyed. “What is our concern? Our duty is to serve the Lord, whatever the circumstance.”

When someone tries to punish the prince, they are punished.

If the prince causes disturbance to someone, and they tolerate, and the king discovers this, he will reward them.

Our body is full of sinful tendencies. We cannot make it transcendental in a day or two. But as much as we engage our body in Bhagavan’s service and bhajana, that much it will be spiritualized. Finally, we will attain our spiritual forms, casting aside our mortal coil, as a snake sheds its skin. At that time, we will always have energy, enthusiasm, and be joyful.

Therefore, respect everyone. It is easy to respect those who respect you. But if you can respect those who disrespect you, then you have some greatness. And it should be without grievance or spite. If that person who is your greatest critic comes to your door, you should serve and feed him, like he is your close friend.

By doing this, your pride will be dispelled. Therefore, we are taught to go and beg. By begging, we become humble. And we pray to the Vrajavasis for their blessings. We don’t just ask for some flour, rice, and dal, we pray for their blessings, to be able to serve Krsna, with humility.

You should have the attitude of friendship even to your enemies.

God will not take away the jiva’s independence. If you want the world, He will give it to you. And if you want only Him, He will give you Himself. But if you want both at once, it is not so easy. You will end up taking the property of God and leaving God aside.

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