by Swami B.R. Sridhara

Discrimination may take place in different planes, but it must have a connection with the higher plane. Judgment and discrimination should be in the right plane. Judgment and discrimination come from our side, but our progress depends on the favour of the higher side it must have that connection, so surrender is required.

Then the Lord will approach us and take us up to that higher plane. Somehow, we have to persuade the highest authority to favour us. We must invite the higher authority to accept us

It does not depend so much on our own ability, but on our submission and surrender, our hankering for mercy, not our positive capacity but our negative character, our surrender.

As a subject, I cannot make the infinite the object of my discrimination; he is always the super-subject. I cannot make God the object of my discrimination. He is super-subjective.

My position, my attitude, must invite the higher authority to come down to my level and help me, favour me. Real discrimination or knowledge should take us to self-surrender. Surrender is necessary to attract the attention of the Lord. Everything depends on his sweet will. He is an autocrat; his sweet will is everything.

To attract his sweet will, to increase our negative side, our tendency for surrender, to attract his favour, this will be our real problem if we wish to progress in spiritual life.

To attract the Lord’s attention, all our qualifications must be of a negative character, we shall require surrender, submission, humility.

Then we can press our position by praying: “O my Lord, I’m in the worst need; without your grace I can’t stand. I am helpless. I cannot endure without your favour.”

That sort of hankering, earnestness, and necessity for his mercy will help us. In other words we are to improve our negative character, and in that way we shall attract the positive, Krsna.

Then we shall develop proper discrimination, for at that time our subjective character will be to act only as his agent. He will inspire from within in whatever we do.

Our discrimination will be utilized in carrying out his order. It will not be possible for us to have any separate interest, any original discrimination. I will carry out his order.

It will not be possible for us to have any separate interest, and original discrimination. I will carry out his order, or the order of the higher officer of the supreme Lord.

I may use my discrimination about how to make the lower arrangements in carrying out that order. But towards the Lord, who is higher than me, my attitude will always be one of submission, surrender, obedience, allegiance, unconditional slavery.

The slave mentality will help us in entering that plane. If we truly feel ourselves to be low and in want, then the supply of mercy will come from the higher plane.

This should always be the tenor of our thought: high and low. Subjective and objective. Krsna is not subject of any rule: he is an autocrat. These are the data we must keep in our mind always. Everything moves according to his sweet will, our problem then is how to draw his attention.

This will be possible only by increasing our negative tendency, by proving to him, in a bona fide way, that I’m the most needy. At that time, we shall develop proper discrimination and knowledge, that is our discrimination will be utilized in carrying out his order.

Vaisnava Thakur ki Jaya!