[Quote from a text and PDF file of recently compiled lectures titled, “The Life of the Vrajavasis’ Departs” available on patreon.com/bhaktabandhav. When speaking on the chapters of the Bhagavatam where Krsna leaves Vrndavan, Prabhuji became ill for some days. This regularly happens whenever he speaks on the pastimes of Krsna and the Vrajavasis’ separation. The following quote is from that hari-katha spoken in July, 2017.]

Intelligent persons keep their bhakti hidden and safe from materialists, similar to how a married girl hides from her family the fact that she has a paramour, and executes all her duties in an expert and pleasing way so as to not bring rise to suspicion.   Sadhus have no problem living near to or with wicked-minded people. Let fools be fools. They cannot harm the sadhus. How much trouble can they cause? How much blood can they steal? Sadhus are not worried about this.

Therefore, we must stay close to the sadhus, for their nature is that they only focus on what is positive within the heart of a person and they shower their blessings on him for even the smallest act of good, that is, activity that encourages progress in bhakti. When sadhus are mistreated they see it as what they deserve for their past karma. They never complain and never become angry. Why is this? Because these ideas and actions take you away from Krsna.   A wise person will not accept anything impure.

This is natural. So why should anyone become disturbed when unwanted situations manifest or when one is criticized? We must disregard and avoid these things because they are also just dirty substances.

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