Quote from this evening’s Hindi Class.

In this dhanya-kali yuga, the living entity can achieve the perfection of life, the attainment of the soul body, easily, by going to Navadvipa-dhama, and entering into the Sankirtana movement. In other ages, by performance of dhyana, yajna, and arcana, one cannot achieve that rare madhurya-prema that is available in this dhanya kali-yuga, through Mahaprabhuā€™s prema-nama-sankirtana movement.

The specialty of prema-nama-sankirtana is that it is mixed with pure love and affection, anuraga, and madhurya-rasa. In Satya, Treta, and Dvapara-yuga, through dhyana, yajna, and arcana, this madhurya-rati and anuraga was not present. Where was the raganuga-bhakti? But in Mahaprabhu’s movement, there is vaidhi-bhakti and even more importantly, raganuga-bhakti.

Those who follow raganuga-bhakti will observe the rules of vaidhi-bhakti even more strictly then those who follow only vaidhi-bhakti, and everything will be performed naturally, with enthusiasm and taste. We see that Mahaprabhu and His bhaktas followed strict etiquette. They did not transgress vaidhi-bhakti.