[Excerpt from Srila Gurudeva: Around the World,
U.K. (20 June 1996), the second book in a series of volumes on Srila Gurudeva’s world preaching tours.]

Most human beings are engaged in the same activities as animals: sleeping, begetting children, being fearful, and eating. From this perspective, there is no difference in the activities between animals and human beings. But I think there are more problems in the human body than in other forms of life. Animals need not cook, they have nothing to do, yet they always have very tasteful and fresh food to eat. There is no need to explain about the ‘freshness’ of this food.

In India it is very difficult to divorce. But nowadays, a contagious wind from the West is blowing on India, and the Indians are falling prey to it. Here [in UK], a lady or a gentleman can divorce 10 or 20 times. Even at the age of 100, if he wants, a man can marry. But hogs and dogs can breed with 1,000’s of mates. We can yield one child at a time, but they can make hundreds and hundreds of children at a time—like a tortoise. A snake can make hundreds of children at a time. A hog begets not less than 16 children at a time. Dogs also make not less than eight. So, they are much more advanced than us in this regard—so much more advanced.
We have to support our children and we have to provide everything for their marriage. In India, if a man has daughters, then he has to sell everything for their marriage. But the animals don’t have to do like this.

We always have fear. I see that even after coming in spiritual life, after accepting a bona fide guru, we fear. Why do we fear? If we have surrendered to Gurudeva or Krsna, why should we fear?

When someone is bereft of full-fledged faith in Krsna or his spiritual master, he will fear — he has to. Those who have fear are not fully surrendered to the lotus feet of their spiritual master or to Krsna. Otherwise, they should have no fear. By accepting shelter at the lotus feet of Gurudeva, there will be no need for a devotee to fear. Why will he fear? But we see now everyone is plagued by fear. If you see a new devotee you will fear and think, “Why has he come? He will make a hole and trespass.” We fear so much.

Once in India, in Vrndavana, a devotee told me, “I have initiated a devotee, but now a certain guru enters my field of preaching. I have made a very good preaching field, but this guru trespasses and enters my area. What should I do?”

I very politely replied, “You are helping people of your area become Krsna conscious. If this guru, who you accuse of trespassing, is helping you in your preaching, then why are you fearful of him? There is nothing to fear at all…”

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