Prabhuji’s Harikatha:

1. Today is Pavitra-rupini Ekadasi & beginning of Sri Sri Radha-Govinda’s Jhulan-yatra.
2. We should try to bring Vrindavan in our heart.
3. To be pure, arrange a swinging seat in your heart for Sri Sri Radha-Krishna. Then they will come with their associates and play there.
4. We should have inquisitiveness on how to progress in bhakti.
5. First surrender and serve, then inquire. Then a good answer will come.
6. Ekadasi comes to remove everything that keeps us separate from Krishna.
7. Mahaprabhu would do kirtana the whole day and night of Ekadasi.
8. Srila Bhaktisrirupa Siddhanti Maharaja has three monkeys in his temples: one covering his mouth, one covering his eyes, and one covering his ears, teaching us to speak, see and hear no evil.
9. When we take the foot dust of pure devotees and also become like their foot dust then remembering Krishna is possible.
10. How to follow bhakti? Iti pumsarpita visnu—Offer everything to Krishna.

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