Sri Guru Darsana




“Hearing the glories of a bona fide Guru pleases Krsna and enables us to enter the realm of bhakti. It is therefore essential to know and understand the speciality of Srila Gurudeva; and by hearing or reading about his life, and his teachings, we can understand that speciality. A person cannot spread the glories of Bhagavan and engage others in His service without being empowered by Krsna’s sakti. The Divine Potency, svarupa-sakti, has the function of engaging others in the service of the Supreme Potent, saktiman. Reading this book will awaken knowledge of the qualities of a genuine guru. Faith and desire to find a pure guru will arise in one’s heart.” – Sri Guru Darsana




This hardbound edition of Sri Guru Darsana comes with gold gilding on the sides and gold foil on the front, back, and spine. It is 1400 Pages, including 96 Color Plates, and weighs 1.6kg, including packaging.



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