Srila AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

“Simply theoretical knowledge, no practical application—he is not brahmana. Therefore Krishna said, guna-karma. Only guna is not good. Guna and karma. Karma means some act. Suppose you are initiated as a brahmana. That is not finished, that “Now I am initiated. I have got sacred thread. I can do all nonsense thing.” No. You must act as a brahmana. Then you are brahmana. You always remember that.

They are criticizing in India that I am giving a brahmana’s position to these mlecchas and yavanas. You should be very careful so that we may not be subjected to criticism. If there are so many foreign brahmanas in India and I am making brahmana in the Western countries, if they are still fallen, then what is this attempt? My attempt is futile.

So kindly be responsible, those who are second initiated. If you fall down, then the whole movement becomes false.”